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NIGERIA: Jonathan Promises to Redeem Image in A’Ibom if Re-elected

It was like a carnival at the newly built Akwa Ibom State stadium when the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and its presidential candidate, President Goodluck Jonathan held a political campaign ahead of the February 14 elections.

The Presidential campaign train stormed the State Stadium at about 4.13 pm to the embrace of various uniformed groups and supporters that made the stadium to have rainbow colour.

THISDAY gathered that as early as the stadium was nearly filled to capacity in a rally that was scheduled to start at about 2pm.

With the previous sad experience in 2011, the security situation in the state and the venue of the rally could better be imagined.

To sustain the tempo while waiting for the campaign team to arrive, comedians of various hues entertained, even some unlisted musicians featured at the event.

As Jonathan’s convoy drove into the stadium, the crowd erupted in wild jubilation, and in return, the President and his team took a walk round the stadium.

Addressing the crowd, President Jonathan promised to redeem the image of his administration in executing major projects in Akwa Ibom State, noting that he had not done anything for the state to justify the huge support.

“I have been informed by Governor Godswill Akpabio that I cannot come here to campaign. And indeed I cannot come to Akwa Ibom to campaign, because of the support you are giving to me; I don’t think in terms of doing something to Akwa Ibom, I have done nothing.

“What I will tell you is to continue with the support, we will work with Akwa Ibom, we will focus on major projects and definitely Akwa Ibom will be happy that they have supported us”, the President said.

The notion that Akwa Ibom was a Land of Promise, Jonathan said, was like a mirage until PDP administration came to power in the state.

He said PDP governors were succeeding because the PDP government at the center gave all the governors free hand to develop their state for the people without any interference.

According to him, it was only in PDP state that you had newly built functional airports with state universities, adding that the Presidential candidate of the All Progressive Party (APC) should define the type of changes he was looking for that were not achieved when in power 30 years ago.

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