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NIGERIA: Will the Elections Hold or Not?

 Do you realize the presidential election is just 14 days away?
Yes, I know. What is the issue?

What else can be the issue? Can’t you see that the system is not ready for the elections?
What system?

Need you ask? Ok. Have you got your Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC)?
No I have not.

And you are asking ‘what system’? With what will you vote? Don’t you know the PVC is like your visa, which would allow you into the polling booth?
But the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has assured that everything will be ready. And that they are ready for the elections.

Don’t mind that Professor Jega. He is grandstanding. Do you realize that as we speak over 38 million PVCs are still being printed in far away China? Do you know that as we speak only 145,000 card readers have been distributed? Do you know how many polling booths we have across the country? Do you know 25 out of 27 LGAs in Borno State are under the siege of Boko Haram? Do you know how perplexed people in Yobe and Adamawa States are? Do you know over a million people are in various refugee centres? Who will conduct the elections in those hotbeds of Boko Haram enclaves?
Look, the reality on ground is that the prospect of having the elections as scheduled hangs in the balance.
Look, I will rather not worry. If INEC says they are ready for the polls, I should believe them. Why do I want to be more Catholic than the Pope? Nigeria thrives on So chill. The elections will hold.

But it is being suggested in some quarters that the ruling party s afraid that should the elections hold now, that they will be routed, and that is why they are pushing for a shift in the date of the polls so they can prepare more adequately.
Rubbish! I repeat: Rubbish! Why should the PDP be afraid of the elections? The testimonial of President Jonathan is bright and colourful enough. Have you taken time to look at all that he has done? Forget the political propaganda that seeks to dismiss everything he’s done. To such persons, even if he kills himself for the nation, it will yet amount to nothing. Look, a lot has been done to merit a re-election. Just open your eyes and you will see them all on the streets.

Really? Are we talking about the same President here? The same man that has been described as weak and clueless?
Look, those are political adjectives usable only by the mischievous. Let me ask you: how many past presidents established 12 new federal universities at a go? How many ever spared a thought for the education of the almajiris in the north? Which administration has been able to wrestle the fertilizer fraudsters to the ground like Jonathan? And for crying out loud, have you not seen the trains back on the rail? Are those the attributes of a clueless person? Answer me!

Hmmm, you talk like a PDP chieftain. Pray, where are those so-called established 12 federal universities? They exist only on paper, right?  And with a shrinking economy where will the products of those universities ever work? With unemployment at such a peak now, producing more graduates with no place to work can only increase the frustration quotient in the country as well as producing sophisticated recruits for crime.
So you mean we should shut down all schools because there are no places yet for the products thereof to work? How warped!

If you claim that the PDP-led government has done so much which they can flaunt to woo voters, why are they scared of the polls?
Who told you they are scared? Did you hear Olisa Metuh canvass for a postponement of the polls? Didn’t you hear the PDP National Chairman, Adamu Mu’azu describe the call for a shift as “absolute nonsense”?

My friend, we are used to the old tactics. They say one thing in the open, and do another behind.  Do you know they have gone to court to stop the opposition candidate? Is that the act of those ready for the contest? Trust me when I say they want the elections postponed. Do you even know they area also moving for Interim National Government (ING)? Can’t you see we are being returned to the pre and post activities of the June 12 (1993) elections? Open your eyes and stop taking politicians by the prima facie content of their pronouncements. I have dealt with these people for over two decades and I know the configuration of their DNA. Trust me.
I cannot trust you at all. You are being persuaded by the narrative of the opposition. The matter in court is to ascertain whether the so-called opposition candidate is qualified to run or not. Not that elections should be postponed. In any case, what is sure is that President Jonathan has done enough to be rewarded with a second term, in office. Anyone who thinks otherwise is playing baleful politics. Have you asked yourself, for instance why the cost of food items have not hit the roofs, with the collapse of the Naira? Do you realize that it is because Nigeria can now almost feed itself, given the increased food production? Farmers are a lot happier and richer now.  Is that not a feat? Do you know Nigeria is the choice destination of foreign investors? Or what would you say about the improved outlooks of the nation’s airports? Have you ever seen them that transformed? And the fact that Nigerians no longer queue for petrol, is that not something to celebrate and reward?

Oh spare me this political shenanigan! We should celebrate that an oil-producing country has made a career of importing refined products simply because we cannot manage our own refineries or even build more? Is that what you want us celebrate? Because some traders are turned into billionaires for merely importing products? Is that the achievement you want us talk about? Do you know we boost the economy of the nations from where we import the products by providing jobs for their citizens? Do you know how many people a single refinery will require as workforce?
(side eyes) Awwwww…. What an achievement! In any case you talked about a collapsed economy, pray, who collapsed it? Is it not the same PDP that raped and ravished the economy and that is why we are on our knees? Do you know the dollar now exchanges for over N208? Have you asked yourself what happened to all the huge money in our foreign reserves? Have you asked what they did with the Excess Crude Account? What did they do with the money? Why did the governors take the federal government to court for emptying the ECA vault? So don’t stand here and mouth the propaganda of establishmentarians! Be critical. Ask questions.
You and I need prayers.

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