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NIGERIA: Born to Rule Syndrome in Lagos

 There is an old saying that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. That saying is very applicable to the plight of the APC as it positions for  power  its candidate in the forthcoming Lagos State governorship  elections Akin Ambode against his  opponent Jimi  Agbaje  of the PDP.
This is because for  a long    time the  APC  has  been  the ruling party  in Lagos state such  that it won’t  be  inappropriate at  all  for  the party and its  henchmen  to  adopt  the nickname of the Fulani  Mafia  when it dominated Nigeria with  the arrogant  slogan and rationale – Born To Rule.

The botched June 12 election of MKO Abiola   put  an end to the rule  of the Northern Oligarchy  under  that infamous  slogan when the  nation conceded  power  to the South  West and Obasanjo  was elected president in 1999. It is apparent such loss of power after a long misuse  of it  ,  is  looking the APC in  the  face in Lagos state in the forthcoming guber elections in the state and the reasons  are its  style  of governance  and  distribution of political largesse  and influence. These have somehow created a powerful and  wide network of relations, sons,  daughters and hangers on who have held  important positions and wealth from being in government   for so  long that they think they have become a dynasty of Lagosians ‘ born  to  rule ‘,  like  the defunct  Fulani or Kaduna Mafia.
In a democracy such as Lagos claims to be, such dynastic or crony governance must be  thrown into the dust  bin where it surely belongs given  the calibre and   pedigree  of the electorate in the state. This  coming  guber  elections is a grand  and God-given opportunity for the  people  of the state to call a halt to the personalised style of leadership of Bola Tinubu who handpicks political office holders  for the three rungs of government in the state from  his opulent hideout in Bourdillon  Street  in Ikoyi .
Party appointments and positions have become intertwined with government bureaucracy and positions  such that  a serving public servant was selected  as running  mate to  the party’s  candidate Akinwumi Ambode. How can a serving civil servant become a party’s No.2 overnight if she had not compromised her work ethics as a non -partisan  civil  servant  who  is to  be seen and  not heard?

To show how the APC  has  fused  party  and government it was rumoured that civil  servants  in Alausa  were  not happy with  the selection of Ambode at  first  hence their  placation with  the selection of one of them as Ambode’s  running  mate. Where is transparency and political accountability in all these?
The answer lies again  in the way  the people of Lagos state vote in the guber elections in Lagos in February. If they vote for Ambode and his running mate again then  they are voting for servitude from  the Boudillon Mafia which is drunk with power and believes it will rule Lagos  forever  . If they vote for Jimi Agbaje which  is the sensible thing they will  be  voting for their freedom from the bondage of the Bourdillon Mafia  which thinks, wrongly  of coursethat it has Lagos  in its  pocket  and  Lagos resides and sleeps in Bourdillon.
Lagos is a very cosmopolitan and prosperous state and Lagos city is the commercial capital  of Nigeria in  spite  of the existence of Abuja. Its governance should be based on the availability of the appropriate political human capital elected at the polls  on merit not selected on the born to rule formula that has stunted growth  for almost two  decades.  Clear vision and insight, earned political skills and  capabilities  are what PDP  candidate Jimi  Agbaje brings to the coming guber  elections.

These are talents that the ruling Apc  has shown it lacked for these long years it has ruled Lagos State and surely with the selection of Agbaje’s opponent it has shown  it has run out  of ideas. The people of Lagos state should show the party  the honourable way  out by voting  it out of office and electing Jimi Agbaje  in next  month’s  elections. Surely there can  be no alternative  to freedom  of choice which Agbaje brings to the elections.
Gbadebo, a public commentator writes from Lagos

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