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APC leaning Angry youths stone Jonathan’s convoy; police fire gas

JALINGO — Youths angry at the Nigerian government’s failure to fight Islamic extremists threw stones Thursday at President Goodluck Jonathan’s electioneering convoy in the eastern town of Jalingo, Taraba State, breaking windshields and windows on several vehicles. An Associated Press reporter was unable to see if anyone was hurt.

Police used tear gas and whips to disperse the mob.

In another incident, angry youths also stormed the state secretariat of the President’s party, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP and vandalised the building and parked vehicles.

The attack on the secretariat was said to have done by over 300 youths who come in vehicles with arms.

A security man at the gate of the secretariat, who spoke to Vanguard said he ran for his life when he saw the youths of more than a 100 and armed approach the secretariat.

Not fewer than ten vehicles were damaged while the building was damaged in several places.

From Jalingo, Jonathan flew to Yola, capital of Adamawa State, where officials had declared the route of his motorcade a no-go area.

The presidential cavalcade already had been stoned in northern Katsina city and northeast Bauchi last week. Youths in Bauchi flung shoes and plastic bottles at Jonathan’s podium at a rally.

In Jalingo, soldiers guarded billboards and posters of Jonathan, who is running for re-election on Feb. 14.

Protesters shouted that the troops should instead be fighting the Boko Haram insurgents blamed for the deaths of some 10,000 people in the past year.

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