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Presidential Committee Yet to Redeem N35bn Pledge to Insurgency Victims

The Presidential Committee of Victims of Insurgency has said some individuals and corporate organisations who pledged financial assistance to the victims of Boko Haram insurgency in the North-east have not redeemed their pledges.

The committee inaugurated by President Goodluck Jonathan in July 2014 has the mandate to bring succur to the victims of insurgency and other forms of violence in Nigeria.

Although the committee received pledges from notable individuals and key sector of the economy, up to about N50 billion, only N15 billion was redeemed.

The huge donation pledged by major players in the banking and the oil and gas sectors at the fundraising event held at the presidential villa were also not turned-in to the committee.

A member of the committee in an interview with journalists on Thursday in Abuja stated that the N15 billion so far received was garnered from the donors since August 2014.

The member, who pleaded not to be named since he was not authorised to speak on the subject, said: “The fund realised is about N15billion as at August; we are going to publish our account very soon and it will be made available to the press. But in the meantime we are trying as much as possible to ensure that individuals redeem their pledges, including members of the oil and gas sector as well as members in the financial sector. We are appealing to them and we are hoping that they redeem their pledges,” he said.

He added: “At the moment we are setting up blueprints. We have tried to take a census of the people that have been displaced in terms of military victims, police victims, women, children and all that. So there has really not been any disbursement so far except for the intervention that we have done in the three states including Abuja.

He said disbursements of the aids to victims would commence and would be discharged in different forms.

“For example, there are people who need educational support and we have to support them until they are up to 18 years. There are also people who need medical support services and there are families that need support in terms of food items. There are entire communities that we are going to relocate and all of these people need to be helped and we have plans to do that especially after the elections.”

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