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Baby’s sex preselection: My story (1)

Science subjects were not my strongest points in secondary school, but when a credit in at least one science subject became a stumbling block to entering the university, I fought and got it in Biology.

pregnant womanIt was a pyrrhic victory, but the knowledge I got from that “ordeal” became very pivotal 14 years later when I was to start a family.

Also, during our pre-wedding preparations, we did a course on natural family planning, which included naturally preselecting the sex of your baby.

I added the knowledge from there to what I learnt about reproduction in secondary school. Luckily my wife was a science student and knew quite a lot on reproduction. Together we started the journey of naturally planning our family.

It is always good for intending couples to have a prenuptial understanding on the number of children they want to avoid disagreements later. My wife wanted three children, all boys (she wanted to avoid the hassles of making girls’ hair), but I wanted four children which we settled for, three boys (which she wanted) and a girl.

I also wanted our first child to be a girl because I have no sister. Below is the body of knowledge that guided us in achieving our goal.

The male sperms carry either X or Y chromosomes while the female eggs carry only the X chromosomes. The female X and male Y combination produces a male child while the female X and the male X produce the female child. So a man determines the sex of a baby.

The sperm carrying the Y chromosome is smaller and lighter and swims faster but has a shorter lifespan while the sperm carrying the X chromosome is heavier and much slower but has a longer lifespan. If you want a male child, for instance, intercourse should take place just before or during ovulation.

Ovulation occurs when an egg or ovum is released from the ovary for fertilisation and it usually lasts for about 12 to 24 hours, sometimes a little longer. Ovulation normally occurs between the 12thto 14thday of a 28-day cycle, but like most human and reproductive phenomena, there are no absolute certainties and it varies from one woman to another. Even within one woman, there are variations.

However, if intercourse takes three or more days before ovulation, there is a high probability of giving birth to a girl. Why?

All the faster sperms carrying the Y chromosomes with short lifespan would probably have died before the egg is released, leaving the egg for the slower X chromosomes-carrying sperms with longer lifespan to fertilise. And only one sperm can fertilise an egg.

A leading American professor of medicine, Harry Fisch, disputes some of the above assertions.

He says the chances of X or Y chromosome sperms “making it do not differ. The idea that one type is more resilient or swims faster than the other is just a myth.” Fisch’s assertion is new to me. I am not a medical expert, but based on my personal experience, I stick with the old paradigm.

The other critical element is for the woman to thoroughly understand her ovulatory or menstrual cycle so that she can know when ovulation occurs. There are various natural methods to achieve this.

Armed with this information and with discipline, which we shall come to later, you can naturally pre-select the sex of your baby with stunning accuracy because it is a gift from God in the form of pure science.

As agreed with my wife, my first child is a girl and we relied on the above information. When conception was confirmed three weeks later, I told my cousin, Mrs. Joyce Kesiena Tuedor, that I was expecting a daughter in about eight months.

She was surprised because no scan can reveal the sex of a three-week-old foetus; it takes about 20 weeks (much earlier now with improved technology but certainly not three weeks) into the pregnancy. About eight months and 17 days after conception, my wife gave birth to my daughter.

Subsequently, in March 2000, during ovulation, my first son was conceived. Millennium babies were in vogue then.

More important, we had planned that our first two children will have an age difference of not more than two years; then we go on break for four years to allow them mature a little and have the last two children within two years so that each set can grow up together.

Based on our plan, we went on break. Then sometime in December 2003, I was discussing with a friend, Kalu Mba; I told him how we naturally preselected the genders of our daughter and son and he told me I was not only lying but playing God. I got home and told my wife.

We then decided to use our third child to convince Mba that God has empowered us to naturally the sex of our babies if we so desire. It was three years anyway since we had our first son and almost time for another child, according to our plan.

In January 2004 during another ovulation, our third child was conceived. About three weeks later, when my wife started exhibiting signs of pregnancy, I did two notes and put in tamper-proof envelopes, one to Mba and another to Gabriel Uche, my friend, now living in Dubai, to act as a witness.

In the notes I stated among other things that in a little over eight months, my wife was going to have a baby boy, named Oghenemega Ferdinand Ewherido (I always gave my children names even before they were conceived because of my 100 per cent belief in natural pre-selection).

The purpose of the note was to convince Mba that God has indeed given us powers to naturally determine the genders of our babies. On Sunday, October 17, 2004, my wife gave birth to Oghenemega.

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