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NIGERIA: Before Abia Pdp Zones Jonathan Out of the Presidential Race

 Once in the life time of a nation, race, civilization, religious or political organisation, yes,once in the life time of a people, beginning from Egypt, Greece, Rome to Arab civilization down to 28th September 480 BC at the battle of Salanus when Athenian Navy destroyed the Persian fleet, we see that individuals’ actions knowingly or unknowingly have always shaped history.

Let me start from March 44 BC when the assassination of Julius Caesar brought about the end of the Roman republic to Good Friday C. 30 AD when Jesus Christ’s crucifixion brought about the Christian Era down to 11 May 330 when the dedication of Constantinople by the great Constantine to Christ brought about acceptance of Christianity as a state religion and lap it up on 7 December 632 when the death of Muhammad brought about the birth of Islam. Let me round it off to 25th December 800 when the coronation of Charlemagne brought about the beginning of the European idea. One can see that  individual actions and inactions have always shaped history.

This can be equally seen from 18 April 1521 when Martin Luther’s defying of Charles .V. at the Diet of Worms brought about the spread of Protestantism, to 5 June 1661 when the matriculation of Isaac Newton at Cambridge University was the step that led to the beginning of modern science. Before I land, I must beg your permission to take you to 7 March 1876 when Alexandra Graham Bell developed the telephone and was issued US patent number 174,465 to 30 June 1905 when Albert Einstein made the E= MC2 Special Theory of Relativity revolutionised Physics.

When on 28 August 1963 Martin Luther King thundered ‘I have a dream’ at the Lincoln Memorial to 11 February 1990 when Nelson Mandela was released from prison, we will discover that what made nations, a people, a group, a religious organisation great are the emergence of leaders who are ready to stake their very lives and live a selfless life of sacrifice in order to liberate their people or uphold an ideal dear to the people. And as a result, their thoughts, ideas and beliefs have always ended up being the guiding light that shapes the destiny of their people, nation or organisations. That is why such leaders never die though they might physically depart from the earthly realms. But in the heart of their followers, they live forever. This is the class of beings that President Goodluck Jonathan who  against the odds, became President in the face of pressure by ethnic zoning bigots. That is the legacy of his greatness that made him to carve a inche in the hearts of South-southerners and South-easterners that the Abia State chapter of his Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, are bent on destroying. Talk of brother stabbing brother.

Unknown to those advocating zoning in Abia State, most times great men take seemingly insignificant steps that shape history without considering the far implications of their actions-the simple gun shot that sparked the first World War, the little spark by a hunter that set the entire forest and homes ablaze.  Such a little spark is brewing in Abia as a result of the insistence in this 21st Century to limit the political space to just a clan. Abia is the social, economic, and commercial hub of all Igbo and any political decision that might affect the social or political fabrics of the peaceful harmony in that heart of Igbo land must be avoided. The reality is that what is holding the social structure of the Nigerian state today is because the Igbo have not sparked against the face of extreme provocation. As a result, the People’s Democratic Party, Abia State chapter must do everything within her power not to limit the political space in Abia. You don’t wake up and unconstitutionally zone out the civil right of individuals to contest to the highest post in their state and still live in the pretence that it will not vibrate and shake the social, peaceful fabrics and harmony in the society. Can someone really define DICTATORSHIP here for me? Or has it been redefined?
I don’t know why our leaders most times don’t take a trip into history and handle certain social issues with common sense. Take for instance the zoning that Abia PDP is talking about is by far zoning most of the present office holders out of the race if implemented. And this does not just limit it to the state , it includes the president. Yes! You heard me right. The People’s Democratic Party in Abia is not only zoning Senator Nkechi Nwogu out of the governorship race, they are by implication zoning President Jonathan out of the presidential contest; zoning Gov. T.A. Orji out of the senatorial contest, zoning Abaribe out of the governorship election, zoning all office holders out of contesting any public office by them or their family members till further notice. Power just have to move to another family, clan, community, village, LG and zone that have not tested power. Abaribe has been Deputy Governor, two term senator,  T.A. Orji  was Chief of Staff  and now governor. His son Chinedu is not qualified to contest for any other office, T.A. Orji should not go to the senate because of zoning as a result of power rotation which is in place in Abia, another family, another clan, another area in Umuhia that has not tested power just have to test it for the interest of fairness. Unless you are a hypocrites that is zoning.

And in that same spirit of fairness every other family member of the family must wait for 10, 20 or even perhaps 50 years for power to rotate before it will be their turn. The same applies to the families of President Jonathan, all sitting and former governors, senators, commissioners etc. It is the height of hypocrisy for any of them or family members to contest any public office when other families, clans, villages, areas, s have not tested power. Please don’t take it personal on me, this is  Abia State PDP’s idea of democracy. So in essence, Abia State PDP being led by a very good friend of the President has zoned the Presidential ticket out of President Goodluck Jonathan.  Step aside President Jonathan, your statement at Osun that no position in PDP should be zoned does not carry water as far as Abia PDP is concerned. Step out great heart Alhaji Adamu Ciroma and smile.  You hammered it home as far back as 2011. Abia PDP is just waking up in support of your PDP zoning campaign. Accepted, that was not their intention as the step was taken in good faith. Accepted too, this is the far implication of their action.

Besides, this arrangement under whatever guise is a stark violation of extant laws and the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as it concerns the exercise of political rights. It also contravenes a court decision made in 2011 in the case of President Goodluck Jonathan, which asserted that his right to contest for the position of the President supersedes every other arrangement not recognised by the Nigerian constitution. The world is watching to see President Jonathan fold his hand and allow his in-laws violet a court order after he must have benefited from it. He has no excuse not to intervene and call them to order. He is the party leader. With advisers living at my expense-I am a tax payer.

Abia is burning because a lot of right minded politicians are unequivocally making haste to state that the plot to zone the governorship position to any sub-ethnic block or senatorial zone in the state, is to say the least, undemocratic, unconstitutional, anti-people and runs foul of the constitution of the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP). Their stand is that the constitutional rights of all Abians who are aspiring to the position of the Governor should be respected for the interest of equity and fair play. Let the peoples’ choice emerge and let it be one that will drive development and deliver the dividends of democracy to Abians. A wrong decision or imposition might affect the presidential votes for Jonathan in Abia. Look at Imo, look at Rivers let’s not repeat the same mistake. APC is waiting on the wings to capitalise on the unforeseen and ride against the tide.
That to m, is the true position.

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