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Why is Modu Sheriff Being Pampered?

 Sometimes, the accusation of double standard against those in authority can hardly be  dismissed, given the way the law is selectively applied to some people. Last week, the  Australian negotiator,  Stephen Davies, named Alhaji Ali Modu Sheriff as one of the major sponsors of the ravaging Boko Haram sect. That is certainly not the first time the name of Sheriff is being linked to the deadly Islamic sect. In July 2011, Lt Gen J.T Useni (rtd), as Chairman of Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) had named Sheriff as the sponsor of Boko Haram. Useni was to however modify his statement, perhaps after some harassment from Sheriff, that all he said was that Sheriff did not do enough to curb Boko Haram while in office as governor of Borno State.

Last Wednesday, Sheriff denied being behind Boko Haram; yet he knows the insurgents’ strength as 10,000. He knows it is being used to settle political scores, etc. But which political score was being settled in the Madalla blasts or the Nyanya bomb blast of last April or the many wild and senseless killings across the north east?  He threatened to sue Davies and the APC for smearing his name. He said Davies may have named him for political reasons. Pray, which political party does Davies belong?

Yet, this same Sheriff in a full page advertisement in 2011, apologised to Boko Haram and others for what he did to them, which he did not disclose. Before then, a former commissioner for Religious Affairs in Sheriff’s cabinet, Alhaji Buji Foi, who was believed to have been nominated into his cabinet then, by Boko Haram, was killed by the sect in yet foggy circumstances.

In July 2011, the SSS invited Sheriff, chatted with him and released him. And since then, the former senator and governor has remained free, gliding from one political party to another. Is he being protected because of his political value to those who need him? Has the SSS not found more reasons to arrest and prosecute this politician? In my “ignorance”, I strongly suspect there is more to Ali Modu Sheriff than the public knows concerning the unrelenting attacks of Boko Haram.

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