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Nigeria Women vs African American Women

omotala-jalade-photoOk. I’m going to keep this short and simple. Let’s face it… If you live in America you can’t help but notice the stack difference between our girls (yankee naija girls) and “Akata” girls – ages 18-32. I’ve come to accept that the only similarity nowadays is that they are both women who happen to be black. As vain as it may be, I got to thinking about who is better looking, more intelligent, physical difference and stuff like that. Let me elaborate a little.

Before I start, you all should realize that we are all made in the image of God and all that good stuff, and in every race or ethnicity, there are beautiful and ugly ones. So when I write my opinion about what I belive it is in terms of generalization.

Physical Beauty: Ok, hands down African American girls are prettier… think about it. This doesn’t mean all Nigerian girls are ugly and all akata girls are pretty… far from it. All i’m saying is that if you randomly select ten akata girls and ten naija babes, chances are there would be a lot more facially pretty akata girls than naija girls. At this point you might be saying, “Ooohh it’s make-up and what not.” No!! It isn’t, whether natural or all made up they are just prettier and more exotic-looking which helps a lot. Just think about it… a typical Bose, or Nneka vs Lashonda or Toya. Hey… I’m just saying.

Body: Africans, more especially West African Women (big ups to Liberian girls) have been predisposed to having big T & A (titties and ass)… and no one has contested that fact. But who do you think have better bodies… Akata girls or Nigerian girls??? What do you think? I’m on the fence about this because Akata girls can hold their own too… you know. And in addition, when akata babes are blessed with T&A, they tend to have a smaller waist, giving them that almost perfect figure 8 shape. Most of the Yankee Naija girls (and naija girls in general) don’t have that cinched waist and when they do, the T&A ain’t that endowed. Once again, it’s all personal opinion on what is considered a “perfect” body.

Intelligence: After common entrance, Junior WAEC, SSCE, JAM, A levels, O levels, SAT, TOEFL, and the list goes on and on… our Nigerian women are far more intelligent. Deny it all you want, they just are. Period.

Attitude: Another one I’m on the fence with… what do you think? Remember Naija girls think the world can not function without their presence, and with that pride comes attitude. Then again, Akata girls are… well, what can I say?… you just don’t want to start a fight with them.

I said I was going to keep this short and simple, but I guess I was wrong. There are numerous random differences between those heavenly creatures, like who dresses better? who is more of a label whore? who makes a better wife? (in general), who is more of a risk taker? etc. What do you think? Feel free to let it out.

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