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APC: Aliyu Misappropriating Local Government Funds

Niger State Governor, Dr. Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu, has been accused of misappropriating local government funds.

In a statement signed by the state Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Jonathan Vatsa, and made available to THISDAY in Minna yesterday, the party stated that the local governments do not collect what is due to them.

“We in the APC believe that the local governments, especially those in Niger State are not being properly funded because they don’t collect what is due to them, making the councils  shadows of what they are supposed to be.

“In Niger State, what happens is for the local government councils to be issued cheques for salaries of staff from the centre joint account like ministries, department and agencies, instead of following the statutory laws of disbursement to the councils from the joint account.

“At best local government councils are given meager amount as over head cost after the salaries are released without due consideration of the status of the councils as a tier of government,” the statement said.

APC also accused Aliyu of reneging on his earlier promises not to tamper with local government funds, adding that he introduced programmes to enable him tamper with the funds.

“When Aliyu came in 2007, he said he will not tamper with local government fund, we are asking what is happening today? He introduced progrmmes like the Ward Development Project as means of tampering with the local government funds. He used it as a political patronage for PDP members in the wards; we dare him to show the achievements of the ward development projects and when last he released the money for the project.”

The APC also congratulated the Commissioner for Local Government, Isah Liman Kantigi, for being bold and frank to state that the 10-kilometre road projects the governor embarked upon in the 25 local governments in the state are a failure.

“The 10-kilometre road project is one of the governor’s antics to tamper with local government fund but the result today is that the only projects in three local government areas have been completed five years after it was started in the 25 local government areas.

“We dare him to publish truthfully between him and God what has been released on a monthly basis to each of the local government councils in the state since 2007 to date.

“After publishing the amount released to the councils for the past seven years he has been governor of the state, Nigerlites will now be able to believe him that local government chairmen are dictators and  will be able to ask their local government chairmen questions and hold them accountable.”

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