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NIGERIA: Legislator Hails Confab on Call for State Policing

Deputy Chairman, House Committee on Finance, Hon. Yomi Ogunnusi, representing the Ijaye/Ojokoro Constituency of Lagos at the National Assembly has commended the national confab’s decision to back state policing.
Ogunnusi, who also tasked the National Assembly on passing the bill on state policing, said Nigeria was ripe enough to have community and state policing to check insecurity across the nation.

The state policing bill is seeking to alter the necessary sections of the constitution to allow for the establishment of state and community police in Nigeria to ensure effective community policing as a modern security strategy.
The national conference has last Thursday, June 26 voted for the setting up of state police in Nigeria while a bill on state policing has passed first reading at the House of Representatives.

According to  Ogunnusi, “I am surprised at the decision of the national conference to back the setting up of state policing and I must commend them for this move. I initiated the bill and I believe it should be passed so that the insecurity pervading the country can be checked.”

He, therefore, urged his colleagues to allow the bill pass the second reading, saying with that communities would secure themselves, rather than depending on outsiders.

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