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Shagari: We’ll Liberate People of Sokoto from Poverty

 Sokoto State Deputy Governor and leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Mukhtari Shagari, yesterday said the people of Sokoto are fed up with the All Progressive Congress (APC)-led administration in the state, saying the PDP was determined to liberate the people from poverty and backwardness.

He also dispelled insinuations of a rift with former governor Attahiru Bafarawa, saying their relationship was cordial.
Addressing party supporters during the PDP State Congress held at Giginya Stadium yesterday, Shagari maintained that it was high time for the PDP to liberate the people from the shackles of ignorance and deprivation in the state.

He asserted that the people of Sokoto were in dire need of change, adding that the PDP would do whatever it takes to establish government come 2015.

The PDP leader observed that the people were fed up with the current state of squalor and deprivation in the midst of plenty in the state and would take their destiny into their hands by voting out the APC in 2015 polls.

“What we are doing in PDP, is that we are fighting hard to liberate the people of Sokoto from the shackles of poverty and backwardness,” he said, adding that the party was united and that he was not at logger heads with Bafarawa.

He stated that there was no faction in the PDP and as such no cause for any disagreement with the former governor.
“In PDP, we don’t have Bafarawa faction or Shagari camp but we are all one. We have only one ambition, which is to establish government in Sokoto in 2015,” Shagari averred.

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