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 General Victor Malu (rtd) is now doing well after a long battle with ill-health. Or have people forgotten so soon the tough and courageous officer who was appointed to the powerful post of Chief of Army Staff by former President Obasanjo in 1999? A bit of mental juggling would not be out of place.

General Malu was one of the commanders of late General Sani Abacha in war-torn West African states. A fine officer and gentleman, General Malu would on return to the country after his ECOMOG tour of duty become the head of the kangaroo panel that prosecuted former number two man under Abacha, Oladipupo Diya, and some other top army officers for trumped-up charges of treason.

An unabashed Abacha acolyte, it was under his command that the army invaded Odi, a rustic community in Bayelsa State, and rendered it bereft of fauna and flora.  Indeed, Malu had a chequered career in the army. But since his controversial retirement, the former jolly-go-fellow has seemingly gone underground. The last we heard about him was that he took ill and was flown to one of the most expensive hospitals in the United Kingdom. But the man known as ‘Lion’ back in his days as an army officer is back and is now keeping a very low profile and wonderfully doing  well with his health.

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