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 At some point in life, a woman’s beauty becomes enough. It need not be photographed, painted or even made-over; it simply becomes enough. But such beauty succeeds a youth of striking good looks and robust womanhood. Despite her modesty and understated elegance, Pauline, the estranged wife of Musa Danjuma, remains the possessor of such enviable allure. Pauline will never be short of admirers; thanks to her resilient beauty and allure.

Recently, she stunned many a high society socialite as she graced a high-octane party in the full efflorescence of her ‘killer curves.’
At the event, Pauline flaunted gorgeous curves that women half her age would die to have.

Looking pretty in a resplendent evening gown, Pauline became the cynosure of all eyes at the event which had in attendance the crème of the country’s high society. Since her marriage to Musa, the younger brother of General TY Danjuma crashed years back, Pauline is yet to settle down with another man despite the beeline of suitors seeking for her hand in marriage. Although she retreated into a shell in the wake of her separation from her husband, Pauline has since, discarded the aura of sadness that enveloped her to embrace more promising vistas. Nowadays, she makes public appearances, particularly at A-list events.

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