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Herbalist: How I Buried Mother and Child Alive

A herbalist, Olatunji Azeez, yesterday confessed to journalists how he tricked a retired customs officer and her teenage daughter to their death and buried them alive in a 20-feet pit inside his shrine at Ajuwon, Akute in Ogun State.

The 64-year-old suspect made the confession after he was paraded by the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Umar Manko, at the command headquarters in Ikeja, Lagos.

The deceased and her child both identified as 68-year-old Mrs. Angela Kerry and 10-year-old Obralulum Kerry, respectively had on May 10 been reported missing by family members to the Oko-Oba Police Station.

During the cause of investigation, Manko said based on the strength of the matter, he directed the Officer in Charge of the State Anti Robbery Squad (SARS), SP Abba Kyari, to take over the investigation.

He said the police finally achieved success by tracking Azeez, a herbalist and a ritualist who resides at Ajuwon Akute in Ogun State, through the tracking device installed in the victim's Toyota Camry.

Speaking to journalists, the suspect said he became acquainted with the deceased in 2013, after she alongside her friend simply identified as Kemi came for spiritual cleansing.

He said: "The deceased came to me along with one of her friends known as Kemi, alleging that she had been bewitched. I actually assisted her in this respect.  Sometime this year, she again came back to my shrine.

"She said the little girl was not her biological child and that she needed me to assist her become pregnant. Sincerely speaking, I told her she had reached menopause and that there was nothing anybody can do about it.

"But she insisted that I have to do something for her desperately. So to discharge her, I asked her to provide N10 million to enable me put together concoction that would get her pregnant. Surprisingly, she provided the money and I collected it.

"Six months later, she came back to complain that she had not gotten pregnant and I reminded her that in the first place I told her that it was impossible for anybody to make her pregnant since she had gone past menopause. This was when the pressure on me to pay back her money started."

He added: "When the pressure became intense, I told her bluntly that I won't pay back. It was then she threatened me, saying that she will show me that she was in the customs.

"However, when the pressure got worse, I paid her about N2.5 million and subsequently made installmental payments all amounting to about N4.5 million remaining a balance of N6.5million.

"It was then I cooked up a plan of how to eliminate her. I have a pit behind my house which drains rain water that accumulates in my compound. So, I built a house (shrine) over it, placed a mat on top of the pit and placed a white cloth on it.

"When she honoured my invitation, I invited her into the shrine but I pleaded with her to leave the girl behind but she refused. So I had no other option but to allow her, after-all it was either my life or her own.

"As soon as she stepped on the mat, she fell into the 20-feet pit along with her child. When I peeped into the well, I saw her in a sitting position while the girl appeared to be standing.

"I also dumped her belongings into the well and then covered the pit with  the sand that was dug out of the hole and I continued the next day until they were completely buried. I later cemented the surface to avoid any prying eyes but I don't know how the police later caught me."

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