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NIGERIA: Kogi Community Completes 40-year-old Water Project

The Ogidi community in Ijumu Local Government Area of Kogi State has completed its 40-year-old abandoned water project through the use of communal self-help scheme and the support of the state government.

The National President of Ogidi Development Union (ODU), Mr. Tunde Ipinmisho, disclosed this while speaking during the 2014 Ogidi Day celebration, explaining that the water project was embarked upon some 40 years ago by a Canadian Catholic priest who served in the community and the project had been abandoned for four decades.

According to him, “Ogidi Day always provides us the opportunity to seek the assistance of our friends in prosecuting projects that would add value to the lives of our people, this is not a new thing for us since we have had to virtually on our own provide for ourselves the modern amenities taken for granted elsewhere.

“Our fathers taught us to imbibe the virtues of self help, we single-handedly built our community secondary school, we also embarked on the electrification of this town and had done more than 80 percent of the work before government assistance came.”

Ipinmisho explained that: “The present generation of Ogidi people have continued with the tradition of self- help which had assisted the community to complete its town hall, cottage hospital and the water project.”

He noted that through the contribution of friends and the assistance of the state government, the water project, cottage hospital and the town hall had been completed, adding that: “We have connected water from the borehole to five points in the town while the cottage hospital will be fully completed as soon as the necessary equipment is procured.”

On the issue of peace and security in the community, Ipinmisho appealed to the state government and the security agencies to come to their aid by checking the activities of Fulani herdsmen who have invaded the town, stressing that: “We are peace loving people and we have nothing against visitors settling among us.

“However, the Fulani nomads having no respect for  any law, having scant regard for human life and taking delight as it seems in strangulating the economic life line of our people, constitute such visitors we do not want.”

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