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NIGERIA: Delegate Decries High Rate of Divorce by Hausas

A former lawmaker at the upper legislative chamber, Senator Saidu Dansadau has decried the manner in which husbands are divorcing more women from the Northern part of the country.

The former lawmaker who got a rousing support from women delegates during yesterday’s sitting recommended for the establishment of a Women and Children Islamic Rights Commission to deal with divorce cases.

“Another issue is the problem that affects mainly women in the northern part of the country. It’s a very serious problem. The way and manner we Hausas divorce women in this country with impunity is becoming a very serious problem, “ he emphasised.

Senator Dansadau, while making contributions to the Law and Judiciary Report lamented that the situation is worse among the Hausas, wondering why Hausa men do not comply with the provision of the Sharia on marriage.

According to the former lawmaker, he had read literatures of communities bothering on marriages but he has not seen where women were being divorced with impunity like in Hausa land.

He called on the Houses of Assemblies to enact laws to establish Women and Children Islamic Rights Commission, where women affected by such cases of divorce can take their matter to.

“I know a person who is about 50 years of age who has been married 74 times. It is real, not a fiction. It is only in Hausa land that a man will have four wives, all of them living in rented accommodation. It is only in Hausa land that you have a girl married at the age of 15 or 18 after she had had eight children, her husband will divorce her.

“We should enact a law to protect women and children’ s rights. The revision of sharia regarding divorce is like the constitutional provision for the creation of states. It is almost impossible. The point I am making is that the Islamic injunction regarding divorce is like the constitutional provision for the creation of a new state. But we as Muslims are not adhering to that injunction
“So there should be a Women Islamic Rights Commission to make us comply with these injunctions,” he added.

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