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NIGERIA: Power Supply Gets Boost with Inauguration of Transmission Substation

The power transmission substation at Adiabo in Odukpani Local Government Area of Cross River State meant to boost power supply in Calabar and its environs was last Saturday inaugurated by the Minister of State for Power, Alhaji Mohammed Wakil.

The new 2X150MVA, 330/132/33KV transmission substation is a terminal station conceived to deliver power from Alaoji transmission station to Calabar and beyond.

The Federal Ministry of Power had awarded the contract to Alstorm/Areva in October 2001 at the cost of nine million pounds off shore and N307 million onshore for a duration of 18 months.

The second phase of the project which deals with the onshore aspect was re-awarded to MBH Power Limited in August 2006 at a revised onshore price of N401 million with a completion duration of eight months and since its completion in 2013, there has been  pre-inauguration test transmission.
The minister in his speech explained that the substation was one of many power projects being completed by the present administration in its determination to expand the entire power sector so that citizens will eventually enjoy constant power supply for the socio-economic development and growth of the nation.

“The new transmission substation is a terminal station conceived to deliver power from Alaoji power station to Calabar and its environs. This substation is very significant because it would feed transmission projects such as the Export Processing Zone (EPZ) transmission substation among others. In addiction it will also serve as a hub for power evacuation to the almost completed Niger Delta Power Holding Company power station at Odukpani.

“With the successful completion and commissioning of this substation, power supply to Calabar Municipality and environs has witnessed tremendous improvement both in capacity and integrity. The issue of low voltage as was previously experienced due to the long distance transmission line from Alaoji to Calabar, has been addressed.

“This would further stabilize as soon as the 2X60MVA substation in Adiabo is completed. Indeed improved power delivery would impact positively on the tourism industry and other commercial activities in the state.
“Vandalism one of the major problems facing the power sector and I hereby call on all stakeholders to join hands in the fight,’’ the minister said.

“Wakil appealed to the government and people of Cross River State especially the host community of the new power project to support and cooperate with the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) in ensuring the protection of power installations and equipment located in their area.

“Let us join hands in the fight against unscrupulous vandals of power installations and individuals who persistently encroach on TCN right of way as well as miners of laterite near the foundation of our towers,” he said.

A Director of MBH Power Limited, Mr. B. Mukhi, said they were ready to strengthen its partnership with the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) and NIPP under the Niger Delta Power Holding Company in the quest to ramp up transmisiion facilities to evacuate 20,000 MW power by the year 2020.

He revealed that the Adiabo, Calabar 330KV substation was the ninth substation to be officially handed over by MBH Power to its partners, TCN.

Mukhi said the substation was a dual purpose facility as it was designed to receive power on 330KVA voltage levels from Odukpani and step down to 132KV voltage levels for onward transmission to Itu.
“However, currently the substation functions in the reverse flow until Odukpani generation is operational. Calabar with current potential of about 550MW power generation can in the near future also become an important switching station for the rest of Nigeria besides adding new power generation.

This substation was also designed and planned in a manner that in the existing spare bay, 300MW capacity can be installed in a short period,” he said.
Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of TCN, Mr Mack Kast, said the station is the which is the first 150MVA, 330/132/33KV transmission station in Calabar, would serve as a hub for power to the existing Economic Processing Zone 2X60MVA, 132/33KV substation as well as others that are being constructed.
Kast, who was represented by Mr. Tom Uwa, emphasised that the greatest challenge in achieving the country’s plans for the power sector was vandalism.

“This act is perpetuated by citizens who for selfish reasons destroy our transmission lines and towers to make personal gains at the detriment of national development. The nation’s transmission system cannot truly expand as planned if the nefarious activities of these people are not checked,” Kast said.

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