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Youth Groups Protest against 52-year-old Youth Leader

The Progressive Forum for Youth Civil Organisations (PFYC) and  some non-governmental organisations have issued a two-week ultimatum to the All Progressives Congress (APC) within which to reconsider the election of an alleged 52-year old Dasuki Ibrahim Jalo as its national youth leader.

The coalition suggested that the youth leader should resign his position honourably in the interest of the party.
PFYC however warned that the party would be faced with massive protest vote by the youths in 2015 if it fails to remove the youth leader from office.

According to a communique issued at the end of its meeting weekend in Abuja, PFYC observed that the election of Jalo was retrogressive, discriminatory and undemocratic.

The chairman of the coalition, Mr. Tosin Adeyanju, insisted that the issue was not a party affair as it affected the youths of the country.
He also said ignorance of the ideal age bracket for youth leaders in political parties should not be an excuse to flagrantly violate the rights of youths.

According to him, youth groups resolved that more seats, in addition to the office of the youth leadership, should be reserved for young, competent persons who would bring their creativity, dynamism and innovativeness to bear in furthering the development of party politics and administration in the country.

Other recommendations include the 30 per cent affirmative action for into elective and appointive positions in political parties considering that the youths account for more than 70 per cent of their voting population and volunteers during elections.
“If the party is really serious in winning election in 2015, they must reconsider their step. What we are interested in is the right of youths. If they rescind their position, everything will die down.

We are not people that can be bought over, We are going to look for a party that upholds the yearning of youths if APC fails to rescind its steps on election of an aged youth leader and I believe the party will not want to make that mistake,” he said.

Meanwhile the Muslim and Christian Youth Integration (MYC) has passed a vote of confidence on the leadership of Jama’atul Nasurul Islam (JNI) and the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) over their critical stands against terrorism.
The National Coordinator of the group, Aliyu Ibrahim in a press release weekend in Abuja, said the leadership of the two major religious bodies had made efforts to curtail insurgency in the country.

“Therefore, we the members of Muslims and Christians Youths for good leadership hereby pass a vote of confidence in Jama’atul Nasurul Islam he leadership of CAN, traditional institutions, international partners, friends of Nigeria against terror and all security outfits in Nigeria in their effort and fight against insurgency of any kind in any part of Nigeria, whereas, we join our voice with millions of Nigerians to plead with the abductors of the Chibok school girls for their timely and unconditional release to join their loved ones and families,” he said.

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