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NIGERIA: Mohammed Lawal’s gubernatorial dreams

 No one catches tiger cubs without entering the tiger’s lair hence Akeem Lawal’s quest to go the whole hog to actualize his heartfelt dream. If his dream lasts, Akeem, son of the former Governor of Kwara State, late Mohammed Lawal, will turn the age to gold; he will become the next Governor of the State. Akeem is reportedly preparing to contest the State’s governorship seat on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party in the 2015 general elections.

To this end, he has been working with many of his father’s close political associates and his closest friends to establish a coalition capable of overwhelming any other group or individual with intention to win the State’s most coveted political seat. Akeem was a very influential figure during his father’s reign as governor of Kwara State before the latter fell out with the strongman of Kwara politics, Dr. Olusola Saraki, who is now also deceased.

Besides being his late father’s trusted sidekick, he was the go-to guy for several people seeking the favour of his father. Within the period, he endeared himself to contractors, politicians and everyone who had one business or the other to do with Kwara State. Many of the people he had helped in the past are reportedly prompting him to give the governorship election a shot in 2015.

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