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 It is often said that a man must be mad or very tired when the din of subtleties and guilty pleasures he once held dear, suddenly begin to sound shrill and punishing to him. Kashamu Buruji might not be mad but he is certainly very tired and sad. For the ruling party, PDP’s top financier to have opted for a very low-key celebration of his birthday recently, it shows the depth of his disillusionment with politics and the life that he lives.

As he added another year to his age recently, his very close friends were around to celebrate with him but the Ijebu-Igbo-born billionaire declined any form of festivity that counseling his friends to discard their lavish plans of throwing an elaborate party in his honour. While the reason for his low-key disposition might not be openly expressed by him, there are speculations that his current reticence and seeming weariness has to do with the challenges he has had to face in recent times.

His case on narcotics peddling came up recently in the United States, where a judge ruled that he must face prosecution. And the N1 billion he reportedly donated to Ayo Fayose’s governorship campaign, when he learnt that PDP had earmarked money for Fayose in Ondo State

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