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Akpabio Signs Amended Portion of Ex-Govs’ Pension Law

 Following public outcry of Nigerians, Akwa Ibom State Governor, Chief Godswill Akpabio, on Friday signed into law a new bill on the payment of pensions and benefits to the former Governors and Deputy Governors of the state as amended by the State House of Assembly.

In line with public condemnation, Akpabio had on Wednesday returned to the State House of Assembly the controversial pension law for past Governors and Deputy Governors, which he had earlier signed into law.

After working on the bill as forwarded to them, the state lawmakers on Thursday passed it into law with the repeal of the contentious area of the law, which was payment of N100 million for ex-Governors and N50 million for ex-Deputy Governors in the state as their annual medical allowances.

The latest bill as signed into law by the governor brought to fifth amended law on the payment of pensions and other allowances to ex-Governors and Deputy Governors in the state.

While assenting to the law, Akpabio noted that the pension law in the state is a 16-year-old law, which started in 1998 as special grant for past state Governors and their deputies, and was further amended in 1999, adopted in 2000 as Pension Bill and in 2007 and 2014 respectively.

He explained that the law would cover former Governors and their deputies who served both in the old Cross River State, insisting that the law would not cover ex- Governors and their deputies who served less than three years.

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