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Expose Corrupt Politicians Before 2015, Akintola Tasks Journalists

 For Nigeria to be shorn of under development and poverty-stricken mass of its population, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Chief Adeniyi Akintola, has tasked the media to do more in exposing corrupt public officers before the next election in 2015.

Akintola, who also chided many of his colleagues in the legal profession for losing their voices by refraining from public condemnation of glaring injustice and widespread corruption in the polity, opined that there was the urgent need to collectively fight and entrench good governance in Nigeria.

To this end, the legal luminary specifically wanted Nigerian lawyers and media practitioners to be more vibrant in spearheading good governance in the country “by leading the way in demanding for accountability from the leadership and exposing corruption, lawlessness, impunity and recklessness in the society.” Akintola gave the charge in Ibadan while delivering a public lecture entitled ‘Nigeria Still in Search for Good Governance and Good Leaders’, under the auspices of the Oyo State Correspondents Chapel of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ).

While lamenting that the country has never been blessed with good and credible leaders despite the abundance of human and material resources, he submitted that “Nigeria is sick” just as he challenged the legal practitioners, journalists, and other professional groups to rise up in stout defence of good governance in the nation.

“All Nigerian professionals notably the lawyers, journalists, accountants, medical doctors, teachers, etc. and most especially members of the civil society should rise up in unison in the task of curing the cancer plaguing our fatherland,” he said.

According to him, “to keep quiet in the face of obvious government’s lawless acts is tantamount to abandonment of the masses to their fate.” Akintola maintained that good leadership would only emerge when Nigerians demand for accountability from the leaders and when they show that they are not dumb. “They must refuse to sell their votes; they must be prepared to vote out all bad leaders and their parties,” he remarked.

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