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SANUSI: Why Opposition Party APC is Jubilating… How he may have got the ‘job’

Sanusi''In July 2012, the Emir of Kano fell ill and travelled to London for treatment . There were rumors that he was in Coma. A certain governor of central bank and Islamic Scholar from the University of Sudan, was dishing out billions all over Kano in populist gestures . He allegedly gave 1 billion naira each to all those that mattered in the emirate .

It's instructive to note that this CBN governor was rumored to have been detained by Sani Abacha on accusation of mobilizing fundamentalist who beheaded Gideon Akaluka, put his head on a pole and went round Kano, killing defenseless Igbos in December 1994.

This fellow is a teacher of the Hadith as espoused by the Wahabbists. Wahhabism is an extremist Pseudo- Sunni movement. A radical movement among fundamentalist with an aspiration to return to the fundamental Islamic sources, Qur`an, Hadeeth and Scholarly consensus (Ijma)) Islamic believers. Wahhabism is a fundamentalist movement instigated by an eighteenth century theologian, Muhammad ibn Abdal-Wahhab (1703–1792) from Najd, Saudi Arabia.

In July 2013, the European Parliament identified Wahhabism as the major source of global terrorist activities in the world and a threat to traditional Muslim cultures

Fast forward to18th January 2013. The late emir of kano, Alhaji Ado Bayero's convoy was attacked and riddled with bullets. Two of the emir’s sons, Ciroman Kano Alhaji Sanusi Ado Bayero and Turakin Kano Alhaji Nasiru Ado Bayero, who were on the convoy, sustained gunshot injuries in the hand and leg, respectively. It was a targeted assassination attempt to wipe out the Emir and his sons .

A few months later in April , three suicide bombers stormed the Emirs palace with Keke na pep on the day the Emir and his sons were meeting at the palace. One of the bombers died instantly as his bomb exploded close to the palace gate , while soldiers shot the other one dead. The third was mobbed to death by Kano youths .It was a second attempt to wipe out the Emir and all his sons .

Who wanted the Emir dead in a hurry? Why is the APC, whom their ex member FFK described as the Muslim brotherhood,celebrating as if they just won the Presidential election ? Why is El Rufai taunting Jonathan as if the Emir of Kano is now the Emir of the world . Is the APC saying they are the direct beneficiaries of the death of Ado Bayero? Why are there riots in Kano just because of the turbarning of a mere traditional ruler whom a governor appoints and can depose easily ?

But Im happy that this appointment has made the APC members happy.

Congratulations APC!!!

Thanks for letting us know that your member seats on the emirate throne in Kano. So I can choose to treat and perceive him like a political emir. Why should any other party member visit an APC Emir. So when next Jonathan visits Kano, he can choose not visit your throne . It's not compulsory !!!''

Ken Agala

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