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Nigeria: Lawmaker names vice presidential hopeful

ABUJA, Nigeria — A senior Nigerian legislator says lawmakers in the oil-rich nation will consider President Goodluck Jonathan’s pick for the vice presidency this week.


In this May 6, 2010 photo, Kaduna state governor

Namadi Sambo is seen during memorial

services for Nigeria’s late president, in Katsina,

Nigeria. Government sources tell Codewit NewsT

hursday, May 13, that new president Goodluck

Jonathan has picked the Muslim governor to

serve as his deputy.

Rep. Eseme Eyibo, who also serves as a spokesman for Nigeria’s House of Representatives, says lawmakers on Tuesday will discuss confirming Kaduna state Gov. Namadi Sambo.

It’s the first official government confirmation that Sambo is the vice presidential nominee.

Analysts say Sambo, a little known political figure and Muslim from the nation’s north, likely won’t pose a challenge to Jonathan running for president next year.

However, Jonathan’s office has yet to announce Sambo as his pick for vice president. The National Assembly must confirm Sambo before he assumes office.

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