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NIGERIA: PDP Attacks APC, Says Party Has No Structure

The ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has said the main opposition political party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), is haunted by its own shadow because it is a media creation and therefore has no political structure in the wards across the federation.
It also said it was as a result of this that the party (APC) was using its connections to launch media offensive against responsible Nigerians serving the country.
The party further said:  “Nigerians must note that as we match towards the general elections, the APC has no single democratic structure on  ground. It still lacks genuine followership and has no defined presence at the grassroots.
On the other hand, the PDP remains the party with the largest number of members and supporters and shall continue to be committed to the national interest for the good of all.”
According to the PDP National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh, PDP, “We  have observed the ill-conceived and wicked offensive deployed by the APC wherein it has now resorted to attacking the personality of individuals and institutions of government using a section of the media.
“In the last few days, the media have been awash with paid write-ups and advertorials by the APC using resources meant for the development of their states to castigate, discredit and ridicule PDP officials and other well meaning individuals in the country.
“It is rather despicable that instead of coming out with tangible explanations that would delink it from the negatives for which Nigerians have rejected it, the APC, now haunted by its ugly shadow, has resorted to yet another diversionary tactics of propaganda, blackmail and falsehood, this time, using paid consultants masquerading as newspaper columnists to attack and insult individuals including the person of President Goodluck Jonathan.”
But, PDP said it is not perturbed by the  attacks, as “they cannot deter us from exposing the APC. We completely stand by our position that the APC is a party of unpatriotic persons whose agenda is to destroy our democracy and the unity we enjoy as a nation.
“This wave of attack is clearly part of APC’s “Janjaweed” ideology of destruction and inciting the people against individuals, especially government officials, in furtherance of the plot to undermine the system and balkanize the nation along ethnic and religious lines ahead of the 2015 general elections, an agenda which has already failed.”
Accordingly, PDP said: “We are aware that the APC has engaged the services of foreigners who have since been imported into the country to do the hatchet job in collaboration with the paid consultants who pocket as much as N5 million for each negative  publication.
“We are however aware of failed efforts by the APC to compromise credible Nigerian columnists and bloggers, who for the love of our dear country and fear of God refused to be made agents of destabilization.
“Nigerians must insist that the APC declares the source of the billions of naira with which it is sponsoring the negative publications. We must ensure that the funds are not coming from the resources meant for the development of their states where the people are already subjected to untold hardship on account of the looting and heavy taxes by the APC. The statement from PDP said: “Nigerians are now aware that the APC is a party of hypocrites; of wolves in messianic robes seeking to deceive with the promise of change.
“We wish to state categorically that the APC, as presently constituted, has nothing to offer. It is not an alternative to the PDP neither is it an option to Nigerians. Its orchestrated mantra of change remains cosmetic, hypocritical and hollow, unless we now speak of change from democracy to dictatorship.”
in 2015 and they should have nobody but themselves to blame.”
Meanwhile, APC has warned against any attempt to put pressure on the House of Representatives committee that is currently probing the jet hire scandal involving the  Minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani Alison-Madueke.
The party urged the committee members to continue to put the interest of Nigerians above any individual or party’s interest and to rebuff any attempt to pressurise them against carrying out their constitutional duties.
In a statement issued yesterday by its interim National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said the investigation into the scandal was of great public interest, hence those who are reportedly putting pressure on the House Committee on Public Accounts should back off.
It said the allegation that the minister had spent N10 billion of taxpayers’ funds to junket around the world in chartered private jets was very serious and cannot be swept under the carpet as the PDP-led federal government will like to do.
”Scandal is the hallmark of the PDP-led federal government and the presidency, hence both may not feel the public anger at the report that a minister, whose most notable ‘achievement’ is her contribution to Nigerians’ burden with her fixation on endless fuel price increases, has been frittering away the country’s resources on the altar of unprecedented profligacy.
”But Nigerians are interested in knowing the truth. Since the presidency has shown no interest in unraveling the truth about the latest scandal to hit the country under its watch, the House of Representatives which has taken on the challenge of seeking the truth should not be hindered by anyone.
”Nigerians will like to know whether or not the minister spent the huge funds on jets, who authorized the spending of such funds, whether or not the expenditure was appropriated by the National Assembly and which laws allow a government minister to junket around the world even on private trips,” APC said.
The party commended the House Committee for its diligence and stated willingness to be fair to all and to carry out a thorough investigation.

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