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NIGERIA: Marwa Finally Jettisons APC for PDP

Former military Governor of Lagos State, Brig-General Buba Marwa (rtd) and his supporters have finally defected from the All Progressives Congress (APC) to the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)
He said the defection was necessitated by the injustices meted out on them by Adamawa State Governor, Murtala Nyako, and his men.
Marwa  told journalists at a stakeholders’ meeting with his supporters who came from the 21 local government areas of the state and in Yola that they were forced to leave the  APC by the deluge of injustices being meted out on them
He said all attempts to get the situation regularised had proved abortive, making the defection necessary.
The former governor blamed the national leadership of the APC for handing over the leadership of the party in the state to Nyako simple because he is the governor of the state.
However, it was unanimously agreed by all the stakeholders of about 3,000 people that in view of the injustices being entrenched in the state chapter of APC, they had no option other than to leave the party Marwa had sent several warnings to the APC to stop Nyako and his men from luring their members (legacy parties) with false promises that he would pay them N10,000 monthly if they would dump their leaders for him.
He said unfortunately, “the governor could not achieve his goal because many of us knew it was not realistic. Where will he get the money from?” he asked.
The former governor said he could not remain in a party that tramples on people’s rights with impunity, adding that since the entry  of Nyako into the party’s fold, injustices had become the order of the day.
“The party has been hijacked by Nyako and there was no fair play in the way and manner the party is being run. “Our attempts to get the issue addressed proved abortive as the
national secretariat of the party only paid a lip service to our complaints as they said as a sitting  governor, Nyako will help with the finance of the party,” he said.
Marwa  added that Nyako plans to muscle the party from them that was why he ensured that by hook or crook, the party’s registration exercise was hijacked by his supporters.
He said he ensured that he blocked the legacy parties from getting involved in the exercise.
“In nine local government areas, reports have it that the registration materials were forcefully confiscated by Nyako’s group to the detriment of other members of the legacy parties,” he added.
He added that Nyako also used the apparatus of government in cajoling members of the party through the Special Assistant (SA) programme package instead of using the resources to develop the state.
He added that all efforts to sit with governor Nyako in order to resolve the anomaly proved abortive as he obstinately refused to reason with him just as he faulted the appointment of the Secretary to the State Government, Kobis Ari Thimnu, as the Interim State Chairman, saying that the move was to marginalise other stakeholders.
He added that he was making serious consultation with the PDP stakeholders in the state to ensure that his supporters are fully integrated and to avoid the mistakes of the past.

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