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NIGERIA: Obiano Unveils Blueprint for Anambra

Newly sworn-in Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willy Obiano, Thursday unveiled his blueprint encapsulated in what he christened ‘four pillars’, aimed at enabling him pursue an aggressive development agenda for the state.
Besides what he described as ‘economic enablers, including providing critical infrastructure, youth empowerment, women development and childcare, among others, which are similar to his predecessor’s programmes, the  governor said mechanised agriculture, industrialisation, trade and investment, developing the oil and gas sector as well as security form his administration’s priority areas.
Obiano, who unfolded his blueprint in a breakfast meeting with journalists in Abuja, said: “The first is to continue what we call the economic enabler in  the area of providing power, road and other infrastructure, in  the area of youth empowerment, the area of women development, in the area  of childcare. These are economic enablers.” 
“But beyond being into those areas, almost similar to what the previous governor did, I  have been  spending time  doing  things  that will target  Anambra  into wealth creating opportunities and I will encapsulate them under four pillars.
In the area of agriculture, he said the state was blessed with almost 100 per arable land, noting that what his administration would do in mechanised agriculture was already being streamlined
“We are going to achieve that in various ways. Last week, I appointed a committee on agriculture being chaired by Prof. Omalikwe,  to give me a blueprint and submit their report in four weeks. We want to also take advantage of the rain, so that we don’t miss this planting season. We are also giving emphasis to tree crops. That doesn’t mean we would not do vegetables but the crops are mainly cassava, maize and rice.
“Upon all the arable lands, both in Ayamelum, Aguleri, Anambra East, Anambra West, Achalla, Ogbaru, Igbariam, Orumba South North and South. In all those areas, we have arable lands. Part of the things the committee is studying is what do you plant well, where do you plant cassava, rice and what have you?
They will determine what volumes are being  consumed now, they will determine what volume will be gotten in the medium term, nine months and beyond.
“With that kind of arrangement, we plan to attract companies that are agro-based in the area of packaging, processing, in the area of storage, manufacturing, etc. All these will create a lot of jobs for our people, generate revenue for the government,” Obiano said.
Besides, he said his administration intends to set up three special vocational centres in three senatorial districts in the state to on fish farming, animal husbandry, piggery, and poultry, among others.
On oil and gas, he said: ”We are going to energise the processes on ground with a bid to attracting oil and gas industry and also getting a blueprint on oil and gas for Anambra State to be able to accentuate things that will make some companies to come for oil exploration in Anambra. Secondly, we intend to support through providing necessary things that will make their job easy.”
“We will support the only oil and gas company in Anambra, Orient, to be able to set up their refinery, which they have done almost 60 per cent from the brief I received. So, in less than nine months and one year, I believe that refinery will be set up.
According to him, the by-products of refining are numerous and will attract oil and gas industry, create job opportunities  and revenue for government , adding, ”all these things I am talking about will be so in one way or the other.”
On trade and commerce, Obiano pointed to the planned modernisation of the state’s markets and building modern ones “that will sustain the kind of things we are doing, so that people will have very good experience, when you come to doing business in Anambra State.”
He also listed industrialisation, “which has been fed with other pillars I have discussed,” adding that these areas will catapult Anambra into an economic giant since the youths will be  engaged thereby reducing unemployment while helping in solving permanently, the issue of insecurity.
“Among the economic enablers that I told you before, we are going to have immensely, security. Because, if I can get security fully in my pocket, get power 24 hours in the industrial clusters, people will begin to believe in what we are saying. There will be need for them to come back to Anambra for investment purposes. So, we have started the process of checkmating kidnapping, armed robbery in Anambra State and what have you.
“Lastly, I inaugurated the joint task force consisting of the police, the SSS, the army, the Navy and the NDLEA and some other groups that carry arms.  We also started a review of the existing Vigilante Trust that we have, with a view to revamping, retraining, re-equipping these security apparatus. I have no doubt in my mind that we will stamp out all those crimes in the state very soon,” he said.

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