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Nigerian Man Seeing First Winter Doesn’t Want it to End

No snow accumulated on roads or sidewalks Tuesday, and that was bad news for Abiola Ogungbenle, a Hanover man in Germany, who originally is from Nigeria.
Ogungbenle was photographed in December during the season’s first snowstorm.
The photograph, taken by his friend Joseph Fryer, who owns The Digital Lightbox, went viral.
“That was like magic, and fun,” Ogungbenle said of the unexpected Internet stardom.
He said if he “Googles” his name, he finds dozens of websites that had used the photograph of him, his arms uplifted and his face looking up at the falling snow.
According to Associated Press (AP), even though this winter was among the snowiest in recent time, Ogungbenle said he was sad that spring was here.
“I don’t have a problem with the snow because I came from a country that was really very hot,” Ogungbenle said. “I really enjoy the snow. I have to shovel it, but it doesn’t really matter, I still love it.”
Ogungbenle didn’t have to shovel Tuesday. Odds are, according to the National Weather Service, neither Ogungbenle nor anyone else in York County will have to shovel again anytime soon.
“The only good thing about (snow at) this time of year, it tends not to last a long time,” said meteorologist John LaCorte.
But, he added, “It can snow in April around here.”
LaCorte described the winter weather this winter as “relentless,” and said it’s because there was a weather pattern that stuck around for a very long time.
“The pattern determines where the weather goes, and we’ve had this pattern where it’s been cold and stormy since December,” LaCorte said.
He said it’s possible Tuesday’s snow is the last that York County will see this spring.
“We’re sick and tired of hearing the S-word,” LaCorte said. “But we’re not out of the woods totally this time of year.”
That would be welcome news for Ogungbenle.
“In Nigeria, it is very, very hot,” he said. “I love when it’s cold. I love putting on my jacket and using some hand warmers.”

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