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Recruitment Tragedy: Protesters Clash in Abuja over Calls for Moro’s Resignation, Prosecution

Some youths Tuesday marched on the Ministry of Interior, demanding the resignation and prosecution of the Minister, Mr. Abba Moro, for allegedly contributing to the circumstances that led to the death of over 20 job seekers during the recruitment exercise into the  Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) on March 15.
The protesters, numbering over 30 and shouting “murderers, murderers,” were led by one Miss Azeenarh Mohammed.
While they were protesting against the minister, another group of youths emerged in solidarity with Moro and clashed with the first set of protesters.
The pro-Moro group called for caution in the ongoing attempts to hound him out of office over the tragic recruitment exercise.
What was initially planned to be a “flash mob” and expected to last   only 10 minutes by the anti-Moro group, turned chaotic when the men of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) tried to stop the protest.
Mohammed however succeeded in splashing red paint, which according to her, symbolises the blood of the innocent Nigerians that lost their lives, in front of the ministry’s building.
The protesters resisted the efforts of the security men to disperse them, and  insisted on making some impression by writing “murderers” at the ministry’s entrance.
Angered by what they termed defacing of public infrastructure, some of the NSCDC officials manhandled the protesters and some journalists whose cameras and phones were either seized or destroyed.
Mohammed who described herself as a concerned Nigerian youth and self-appointed “activist,” expressed bitterness over the plight of Nigerians in the hands of their leaders.
She denied the accusation that she was being sponsored, adding that she was exercising her right to express her views on issues of national importance.
Another protester, who simply identified himself as an “artiste,” warned Nigerians that silence is not the best approach in the recruitment saga, saying the incident if not well addressed, constitutes  a threat to everybody.
He advised the minister to either take the honourable way out by resigning or be sacked by President Goodluck Jonathan.
However, tempers flared when some youths who came in solidarity with the minister engaged the protesters in a shouting match, while castigating the journalists. 
The pro-Moro group led by Mr. Etuk Bassey-William questioned the sincerity of the protesters and journalists interviewing them.
The group described the manner in which the protesters chose to convey their message as an act of “rascality.”
Bassey-Williams who is a former President, National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), accused the protesters of being sponsored, while appealing that the minister should be given a fair hearing.

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