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2015: Senator Nwaogu seeks to become Abia’s first woman governor

Senator Nkechi Nwaogu has formally declared her interest to enter the gubernatorial race for Abia state government house on the ticket of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). 
She made her intention known to the state executives of the party and other stakeholders, who gathered at the state secretariat of the party to hear her declaration at the weekend.
Nwaogu, who represents Abia Central senatorial district, holds two records of being the first woman from Abia to take a seat at the House of Representatives and the Senate, insisted that her gender would not be a disadvantage in her quest to succeed Governor Theodore Orji.
“If my party will support me I will run for the post of governorship. It is my aspiration, my desire,” she said, adding that she has the qualification and experience to pilot the affairs of Abia state if given the mandate to govern Abia.
The Senator already reputed for her massive empowerment programmes said that nobody should judge her by gender but on qualification and antecedents, noting that she has over the years proved her capability to serve the people creditably.

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