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NIGERIA: APC Advises Edo Teachers to Write Test

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has advised all Universal Basic Education teachers in Edo State to write the assessment test scheduled for today by the State Government.
A statement, friday, by the Publicity Secretary of APC in Edo said, “APC guarantees that qualified and competent teachers will benefit maximally from the result of the assessment while quacks and impostors who are not more knowledgeable than the pupils they teach will not be allowed to continue to ruin the future of our children.”
Thus, APC advised ” those who are qualified and competent to shun the cry and nagging of the quacks and impostors just as law-abiding citizens should shun the cries of criminals against the Police. We are confident that the result of the test will improve the welfare of genuine teachers and favour pupils of State-owned schools who are mainly children from poor homes.
Therefore, we urge the state government not to succumb to blackmail or warped propaganda aimed at derailing its transparent process of sanitising our basic educational system. Qualified and competent teachers who allow the quacks and impostors to brainwash them not to attend the assessment test will regret their foolishness when others start reaping the sure rewards of their faithfulness and obedience”.

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