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NIGERIA: Senate Won’t Work against Nat’l Conference Resolutions, Says Agboola

Senate Deputy Whip, Senator Hosea Ayoola Agboola, yesterday said the Senate and indeed the entire National Assembly would not work against the resolutions of the national conference inaugurated Monday.
He said notwithstanding the fact that there was no legal backing for the ongoing national conference, the Senate would look into their recommendations and key them into the constitution, especially the portions that are necessary for the corporate peaceful existence of Nigeria as a nation.
Agboola, a member of the National Assembly representing Oyo North, in an exclusive interview with THISDAY, said: “We cannot work against them. Those in the national conference are people of high calibre and proven integrity.”
According to him, “President Goodluck Jonathan cannot be blamed for the convocation of the conference since Nigerians wanted it and as representatives of the people, we had no choice than to support the efforts at bringing all ethnic nationalities together for dialogue on how we want to live together as a people.”
He said further: “All the representatives of the federal constituencies are in the National Assembly and all the senatorial districts are also in the National Assembly. This means that those in the National Assembly, are true representatives of all federal constituencies and senatorial districts across the country. All of us are elected representatives of the people. So what they are doing at the conference is purely advisory.”

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