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NIGERIA: Who is afraid of National Economic Council Meeting?

The current documentary showed that Chinese Government constructs over 10,000 sky scrappers across China yearly, meanwhile the longest bridge in the world that would last for about four years to construct, would be seen in China. These buildings are part of the things that generate funds for Chinese amongst others.
Considering 36 states in Nigeria, each state would be having approximately 278 sky scrapers made available for Nigerians at affordable rates. Such a dream may not exist in the next three generations.
Some local government top functionaries were thrown out of jobs for fraud; are these the kind of functionaries you expect any good thing from? The day a brother or any member of a family wins election or is given appointment, it is for the betterment of families, friends and close allies. The government is run by self-serving individuals and those whose ambitions is embezzlement.
In developed countries, you are accountable before and after office. If you have beyond what is expected of you, you are called to account for it but in Nigeria, some people are above the law. Some are born and bred in Victoria Island, Ikoyi, G.R.A, etc, and from there to Federal Government College where they stay in hostels; and later become President, Governor, etc;
Do you expect such people to know what is happening at Bariga, JMJ quarters in Ajegunle, Wukari, Damaturu, Badiya, etc? The intention of going into politics is for cheap, easy money. ‘Manifestos are for the hearing whilst intentions on how government would be run are in the heart’.
Those who know the feelings of an orphan, the suffering of the homeless, the pains of hunger, the heat without light, are the least people you expect in Aso Rock. No wonder it is a do-or-die affair. Democracy is a picture presented to the world but the right word for our government should be ‘KILL AND DIVIDE’.
2015 is at the corner, do not be forced or tipped to vote, it’s the only weapon you have to make the right choice, even though it is like business which risk cannot be underestimated.
Iwoma Omgboanga:  Rivers State University of Science & Technology, Port Harcourt
Governor Fashola you are right. If Nigeria has more governors like you, there will be great improvement in this nation. States just solely depend on federal allocations without contributing anything. Let me say the Niger-Delta contributes oil but the governors have to be proactive for sustenance.
As for the northern governors, there is nothing to say even with so much resource under their soil. They solely depend on the proceeds from the Niger-Delta. Governor Fashola sir, as a member of the Governors; Forum, I am appealing that you educate your fellow governors to help sustain the economy of this great nation. God bless Nigeria.
Okoko:  Let there be a revolution in Nigeria.
Ganiyu Adegboye · Chief Security Officer (CSO) at RealBanc Nigeria Limited
Thank you your Excellency. This is food for thought for Nigerian politicians. They should choose to be positive contributors to the nation’s success and not otherwise.
Ikeaka Veronica,  Caritas University:
Is this what the economy has turned into, sharing of oil revenue without thinking of the way forward?
TOBBY777 :  Our constitution as it is today mandated the Federal Government to share money to states and such money should not been seen as a means to whip the states into line as revealed by Jonathan recently when he boasted that states that have issues with him will not develop.
The states on their part should put up their thinking cap. I hate to hear the word, if the Federal Government did not release allocations, they won’t be able to pay their workers. It is my humble opinion that any state that can’t generate money to pay its workers does not have any reason to be in existence and any governor that cannot generate money to pay the civil servants should quietly resign his position for those who can make use of their heads to generate money for their states.
We, Nigerians should also know that when we talk of revenue generation, that includes tax. We should be ready to pay tax to our respective states. The greatest problem facing us as a nation is over-bloated cabinet which is not restricted to the Federal Government alone. State governors are not left out in this madness of bloated cabinet. What is a state governor doing with 15 advisers? What are they advising him on?
How much is the nation spending on the position of first ladies in this country? What we are spending on 37 first ladies and 37 second ladies are enough to fix our roads in this country.
What our governors are stealing in the name of security votes can fix our educational system in this country. What our governors are spending on commissioners, special advisers and the maintenance of thugs can take care of civil servants in their respective states. IT IS NOT THE LOAD THAT BREAKS YOU DOWN, IT IS HOW YOU CARRY IT.
AL Amin Usman: Which way Nigerians. Na so we go dey dey? Everything is all about oil money.
Kelvinister:  It is so easy to point fingers at the Federal Government at will. What are the states doing with their monthly allocations? The system in Nigeria is such that Federal Government suppresses states, states suppress Local Governments. Fashola cannot honestly say he does not finger Local Government funds. Lack of financial accountability is a cankerworm being practised from Federal Government, to states to local governments.
Hard truth: My amiable governor, the country is broke that is the truth about it, Mr. President please give us account of your stewardship. Nigerians need to know how much that comes in and goes out of the federation account.

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