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NIGERIA: Kano is Under-supplied by NNPC, DPR Alleges

The Department of Petroleum Resource (DPR) Kano Area office has blamed the ongoing fuel scarcity on the shortly of the petroleum product to the city by the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).
Chief Operation officer of the DPR, Sayyadi Suleiman Abubakar, told reporters that Kano is being under-supplied by NNPC
Shortly after he toured the filling stations in Kano metropolis to ensure the availability of the product in the state, Abubakar told reporters that the fuel scarcity experienced in the city before now was due to hiccup in the supply chain by the NNPC.
“Kano and environs total consumption before now stood at 100 trucks and this figure dropped to half over the last few weeks, which perhaps explain the scarcity of the commodity in the city.”  He added that, “despite the short supply of the product, what Kano is witnessing is artificial scarcity occasioned by some disgruntled elements within the supply chain.”
Abubakar also revealed that his finding from the monitoring of pump station in the city indicates that the petroleum products is been sold at official price, adding that we are yet to record any contravention of the rule of engagement.
He further revealed that “from what I have seen today I am confident that fuel scarcity would disappear from this city in two weeks time if the current tempo of supply is sustained.”
The DPR boss said his office would continue to monitor pump stations to ensure they offer the best services to the public, stressing that they would visit the full weight of the law on anyone caught sabotaging the supply chain.

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