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NIGERIA: Utomi, Others Harp on True Federalism, Courageous Leadership

Former presidential candidate under the Social Democratic Mega Party (SDMP), Prof. Pat Utomi, has attributed the slow pace of development in the country to lack of true federal arrangement of the country’s political system.
Also, some well meaning Nigerians noted that the country needs courageous leadership, if the country must survive her trying period, and be reckoned with in the comity of nations.
Utomi and others, who spoke at the public presentation of two books titled ‘Pages and Sages’ and ‘Leading with Courage and Integrity’ authored by Mr. Odey Ochicha, in Abuja, insisted that true federalism was fundamental to development.
They opined that “Leadership is not only about providing houses, roads and jobs, but it is all about people and what we believe in,” adding that “until Nigerian youths hold the electoral process in this country, we will continue to lament.”
Utomi maintained that people do not have to be in the position of authority before making a difference in their various areas, adding that displaying of good leadership start from individuals.
According to him, “Our country has a lot of grandstanding; we must say to ourselves, how can, I walk my talk? You don’t have to be in Aso Rock or in government house of some state capitals to make a difference, and influence those people around you.”
The don recalled that it took collaborative effort of Nigerians in the first republic for the region to record tremendous development, particularly in the area of education, stressing that it would take courageous leadership in the federal structure to generate competition among states.
In his remarks, the author of the two books, Ochicha, said it was so unfortunate that Nigeria was still being referred to as ‘third world country’, saying it had no business of being a developing country, considering of enormous potentials abounds in the country.
The Bekwarra-born writer explained that he was moved to write the books, due to bad leadership which was the bane of development, adding that, the earlier it is being addressed the better for the country.
He said; “Nigeria supposed to the best country in the world, because we have the resources, we have the potential. We have three greatest resources; like human capital, material and marine resources. We have everything; we have no business being where we are.”

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