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150 delegates: PPA picks holes in PDP’s nomination

National Chairman of the Progressive Peoples Alliance (PPA), Mr. Peter Ameh, has described as unfair the domination of the forthcoming National Conference by the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and four other political parties.
According to him, organs of the five parties at all levels nominated 218 of the expected 492 delegates with the PDP accounting for 150.
Only five of the 25 political parties, which had representatives in the National Assembly, were allowed to nominate two delegates each. The 36 state governments also nominated three delegates each.
The PPA has a lawmaker in the Bayelsa State House of Assembly but it was not included among the delegates-nominating parties.
Stating that it is not fair that the conference would be dominated by the PDP and four other political parties, Ameh said: “It is a big lie to say that the reason why PPA and 19 other political parties will be denied participation is to reduce the level of politics at the conference. The unlawful exclusion of the PPA from the conference is a deliberate attempt to silence the voice of our members from opening up on the injustice that has been brought upon them.
“The President has nominated 25 per cent of  the total numbers of delegates, state controlled by PDP nominated three delegates each, while the party nominated two and PDP National Chairman coming as ‘elder  statesman’ putting the total number of delegates by PDP as a party at almost 150 delegates.
APC as a party is expected nominate two, while states controlled by APC nominated three each making the total number of APC delegates 56. APGA as a party nominated two, and state controlled by it also nominated three delegates putting their total number of nominations at five delegates.
Labour Party got five delegates, Accord, two delegates. The overall number of delegates nominated by five political parties is summed up to 218 delegates while 20 political parties have none and you say this is fair? And that the conference is not political. Let us stop lying to ourselves the conference is totally political because almost half of the numbers of delegates will be coming from political parties.”

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