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NIGERIA: Youths Accuse Jonathan, Northern Govs of Playing Politics with Insurgency

The Arewa Youth Forum (AYF) has accused President Goodluck Jonathan, northern governors, religious and northern leaders of politicising the Boko Haram insurgency in the North-east.
Rising from a meeting at the weekend, the youth organisation through its leader, Alhaji Gambo Gujungu,  said instead of the deadly insurgency to be frontally tackled, most of those concerned, especially northern leaders, are busy concentrating more on their electoral fortunes in the 2015 general election.
In addition, the youth group said with over 500 people dead and thousands displaced within the states of Adamawa, Yobe, Borno and even in some neighbouring countries, the northern youths would now hold President Goodluck Jonathan, northern governors, religious and northern leaders responsible if they do not curb the incessant killings in the North-east.
The AYF noted that they are aware that leaders are more concerned about their 2015 elections than the security of Nigerians, especially those in the North-east.
Saying the current killings cannot be left to continue, the AYF said if nothing was done soon to change the security situation in the region, “we will be compelled to mobilise the youths across this country to demand justice before it is too late. Enough is enough, let our leaders know that we cannot continue like this. We are running out of patience.
“As leaders of the youths from the North, we are not only pained by the current happenings, but downcast that in spite of this inglorious pogrom, our leaders have only continued to condemn what is happening without any new practical measures to curtail the mayhem.
“Recently in Kaduna, northern governors vowed to work hard towards ending the insurgency by prevailing on the federal government to deploy all available military means as well as implement the recommendations issued by previous committees, but as usual, nothing has come out of the talk,” said the AYF.

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