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I will deliver Imo State from the abyss of underdevelopment”, UPP Governorship Aspirant Ejike Ikezuagu stated

Not again! This must be the sing along on the lips of many political activists as well as ordinary Nigerian citizens anytime an unknown politician springs up claiming to offer new hope to the impoverished masses who had never experienced the true dividends of self governance. Their fear is always anchored on solid evidence of what Nigerian politicians are capable of doing once they were voted into power – abandonment of their campaign promises; economic, physical, and social maltreatment of the electorate as well as flagrant display of ill-gotten wealth to the absolute detriment of the people who voted them into power. As a result of this, the governed in Nigeria have come to rely on their innate voices when dealing with their prospective leaders, and, it is against this background that we dare to say that life has a means of bringing up issues that have existed in ways that make these things more vivid and the resultant lessons therein more succinct. But must the electorate abandon their political fate to jobbers and marabouts who would continue to feed fat on their ignorance all in the name of ‘politics is a dirty game?’ We say no and the time is now to put a stop to it!

It is against this backdrop that we present to you Mr Ejike Ikezuagu, a man who belongs with the poor masses and knows that ordinary citizens find it difficult putting food on their table, has been repeatedly failed by the system which has always sworn to protect him but Ejike Ikezuagu is out to solve this problem and restore beaming smiles on the faces of Nd’Imo. He is a young man with the burning desire to return political power to the masses as power truly derives from the consent of the governed. The people of Imo State, permit me to present to you Mr Ejike Ikezuagu, a native of Ogberuru in Orlu Local Government Area of Imo State, and a gubernatorial aspirant under the political platform of United Progressive Party, (UPP). This governorship aspirant was born of the people of Imo State and he is primed to rescue his people from the clutches of political brigandage which successive administrations have foisted on the State. The dismal shame of poverty, suffering and human degradation of Imo State is a blight that we all share – the blight on our happiness that derives from this and from our drift to the periphery of democratic dividends – leaves us in a persistent shadow of despair. It is a savage route to which Nd’Imo should not be condemned to travel.

The survival, progress, and existence of any state in a federation depends on the quality of its leadership, its sense of accountability, and what it can do to better the lives of its citizens by avoiding systemic failure of not providing infrastructural facilities that would improve the living conditions of its people. No political entity is guaranteed continuous survival if her citizens were made to wallow in abject poverty when that state is identified as having the potential human, material, and intellectual resources which guarantee happiness and greatness. Imo State possesses all these and more and its leaders should ensure that Imolites are well taken care of.

We live in a country where democracy thrives on odium and is also both filthy and mucky. Leaders are selected rather than elected and perpetuate themselves in power once they cease it, citizens are subjugated instead of liberated, individuals are killed or maimed anytime they try to exercise their God-given rights to elect politicians of their choice, but all these acts are against the tenets of democratic ideals. It is time to stand up and be counted for Nd’Imo. It is time to reject the notion of ‘pump no n’ama nnam mana akpiri na-akpom nku.’ It is time to say no to impunity!

In order to allow the dividends of democracy flow down to the common man, a leader must lend a listening ear to the yearnings of his people. He must lead and co-ordinate the numerous instruments of power and governance by detaching the office of the leadership from the occupant of the Executive office. This simply means that he should be able to demonstrate that power belongs to the electorate; that the consent to exercise political power derives from the consent of the governed; that without the people, there is no legitimacy. In other words, the governor must not be the office, but the office must be the governor. The state, through the instruments of power, should be able to reproduce the conditions for its own very existence. If it fails to achieve this, it risks becoming a failed political entity.

Unfortunately, we have seen various administrations in Imo State come and go without the leadership fulfilling their campaign promises and political pledges. Existing hospitals have not been maintained while few new ones have been built, power supply continue to be erratic thereby hampering the economic and infrastructural development of the state, and security of life and property has continued to elude the citizens. Even education which Imo is noted for has been allowed to drift into oblivion. It is because of these mountainous problems that Imo is being offered fresh hope in the person of Ejike Ikezuagu – a young man endowed with the right knowledge and political wisdom to restore Imo to its former glory. He is on the side of the common man because he does not belong to the cabal which has held the state hostage for years. Having been educated in a public school in the state, he understands the massive problems facing that sector and what ordinary parents go through trying to give their wards decent education.

Recently, the governorship aspirant received the United Progressive Party Wards executives – his party – members of the party, and the people of his constituency in his home town Ogberuru Community in Orlu Local Government Area of Imo State, where he briefed them and outlined his vision for Imo State as well as his modus operandi for realising it. First on the agenda was the thorny issue of security. According to Robert Casey, “our moral, religious, and political traditions are united in their respect for the dignity of human life.” In other words, any civilised society must not be devoid of security because it oils other wheels of any political institution. It is not surprising that our able gubernatorial aspirant has made it one of his major priorities. Other areas to be tackled by his administration would be the introduction of free medical care in all government general hospitals, free child delivery for pregnant women, equipping and maintaining our existing hospitals as well as building new ones, investing in capital projects to provide jobs for the youths and resuscitating some industries in Imo State initiated by the administration of Dee Sam Mbakwe such as Aluminium Extrusion Industry, Aluminium Products, Naze, Imo Modern Poultry, Avutu. He also regretted bitterly the selling of Amaraku Power Station by previous administrations in the state. His government would also introduce the payment of unemployment benefit to unemployed graduates of Imo State origin.

In addition, more industries would be built in the state by attracting both local and foreign investors. Ejike Ikezuagu who lives and studied in United Kingdom stated, His government would also strive to drum it into the ears of Igbos to imbibe ‘think home philosophy’ by investing in the Igbo nation as this singular act would kick start infrastructural development in Igboland as well provide jobs for our graduates. Ebe onye bi ka ona-awachi!

Nd’Imo, obu gini jizi nkita onwu? Bianu ka anyi kwado Maazi Ejike Ikezuagu maka mmepe nke Imo Steeti zuru oke!

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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