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NIGERIA: Osunbor says outcome of Confab’ll be nullity unless

BENIN—FORMER governor of Edo State, Professor Oserhiemen Osunbor, has said that the outcome of the National Conference scheduled to begin on March 18, 2014, will amount to nothing unless the issues of impunity, corruption and disrespect for the constitution, law and order were resolved by Nigerians.
“Whether you change from presidential system to parliamentary system, from state structures to regional or zonal structures, whether you start the constitution with ‘we the people of Nigeria’ or you don’t even have that preamble in the constitution, it will amount to nothing unless and until Nigerians resolve that this is our constitution and we must respect the constitution,” he said.
Professor Osunbor, who is Chairman Nigeria Law Reform Commission, spoke to  Vanguard at the palace of Onojie of Opoji, shortly after the harmonisation of the interests of  Esan people, ahead of the conference.
He insisted that government can only make meaningful impact on the lives of the people when people, especially public officers, change their attitudes toward governance and have respect for law and order.
He faulted the claims that Nigerians have never sat down on a round table to discuss issues confronting the country, saying that “Nigerians have talked about all these issues we are talking about today. But the constitution that has emerged from all these efforts, the current constitution of 1999, is it being respected? Are we operating in accordance with the tenets of the constitution, the laws, and the institutions that have been made pursuant to the constitution?”

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