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Technology will drive Africa’s growth in future — Cisco

The Head of Architecture and Enterprises, CISCO Emerging Market, Mr. Den Sullivan who recently visited Nigeria, has predicted that improvement in Technology will drive Africa’s economic growth in the near future.
Sullivan, said that IT organizations across Africa and the world in general need to prepare for Internet of Everything (IOE). He said the rapid changes seen today in various Sectors were as a result of the emergence of an application Economy, where focus is no longer on the hardware alone, but also on supporting a large number of applications on all connected devices.
He noted that from recent studies, Middle East and Africa is set to Post the world’s strongest Mobile Data traffic growth at 77 Percent CAGR in 2018.
He said that in future, devices will learn about an individual, tell how his activities went for the day, where the person stands at a given time and also predict what the person’s next action will be.
For him, the technology completely redefines the users experience and the way an IT system is built. He predicted that by 2022, a technology economy that allows for person-to machine and person- to-person combined will constitute 55percent of the total IOE value at stake, whereas, machine to machine connections will make up the remaining 45 percent.
Meanwhile, CISCO’s,  Bola Adegbonmire also identified one of the major benefits of imminent new internet architecture as power-based video and collaboration, where a new common standard can enhance employee productivity by integrating audio-based multimedia space.
He further revealed, that a similar transformation will be experienced on digital imaging with Ultra HD Video, enhancing the viewing experience on televisions, smart phones, augmented reality glasses, tablets, and camera- equipped glasses.
He however, agreed that significant impact will also be felt on healthcare services, education, office connectivity and security.
Manager Systems Engineering and Sales, CISCO, Mr. Kunle Oloruntimehin, also in his remarks, predicted that 2014 and beyond will bring a huge influential and constructive technology explosion through out Africa that is driven by on-line growth and convergence of processes. “These data from technology will allow humans to explore unprecedented opportunities that will benefit both business and society as a whole” he added.

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