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Confab will help to restructure Nigeria – Ugbomah

Hon Omordi George Ugbomah, a political scientist, has been consistently involved in the services of Delta State, holding different strategic positions over the years. He is presently the political Adviser (Delta North) to the governor, who visited Vanguard’s corporate office at Kirikiri Canal, Apapa, Lagos, believed the forthcoming National Conference will help to correct the anomalies in the polity. He also commended his principal’s three -point agenda saying it is visionary. Excerpts:
What is your take on the forthcoming National Dialogue?
It is a welcome, visionary and positive step taken by President Goodluck Jonathan at this time in the history of our country. Besides the seeming resentment in some quarters, I am happy that the vast majority of Nigerians are embracing it and willing to participate.
There have been defections to and from the PDP and the APC. What does this imply for our polity and the conduct of the civil political class generally?
It shows the dynamic nature of human beings as political animals, but my concern about these defections is that they are not based on ideology and, to an extent, not for the general good of our people, but more often based on personal interest or sentiments.
The multi-party system which Nigeria operates is said to be far from the ideal, especially in a multi-cultural society as ours. What is your take on this?
The multi-party system is not far from ideal because of the multi-cultural nature of our society and more importantly given the historical experiences of our formation as a country; and the attendant political consciousness it has generated and continues to generate.
On a critical and fundamental examination, our numerous political parties exist in the context of the above statement save for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) which, to a large extent, cuts across ethnic and cultural consideration. It is my sincere hope that our political parties will, in no distant time, exist and operate based on ideological orientation.
Some persons have held that the Option A4 can serve Nigeria better. Do you think so?
Option A4 was tested once and it was never applied again in our polity. As at the time it was applied, it seemed to have made a positive difference in our expression of choice of elected leaders. However, I do believe that if it was applied again, it would have exposed its inadequacies considering the level of our political development. I will love to submit that the process of secret balloting as practised in most polity or political arrangements, if perfected, will create more confidence and serve Nigerians better.
President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan recently assented to the Anti-gay Marriage Bill which generated reactions and threats of economic sanctions from some western countries. What is your take on this?
I am in full support of the action of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. I am also happy that almost all Nigerians are in support as well. Marriage is defined by the scripture and our traditions as a sexually legalized union between a man and a woman. Anything on the contrary is not marriage and cannot be called marriage.
Possibly those who advocate or practice legalized gay relationship should look for another word for it, but not marriage. Strictly speaking, gay sexual relationship is a diseased condition of the practitioners in a psychiatric dimension. It is anti-nature, sinful and anti-God’s arrangement for human beings.
Rather than threaten Nigeria with sanctions, those western powers should believe in God and engage their time and resources through research that will provide positive solutions to the disease of gay relationship. On a comparative note, Nigeria has much to gain with the law than succumb to such threats. I congratulate the President and the National Assembly for that godly law.
As a key player in Governor Uduaghan’s administration, how has the three- point agenda of the government accelerated development in Delta State?
The three- point agenda is visionary and a very good model for practical and sustainable development, not just for Delta State but for universal application. I seriously recommend it for anybody who will take over the reign of government from the present administration in Delta State. The three concepts are inter-related and all embracing. For example, peace and security have created enabling environment to develop infrastructure which in turn has also given us room to develop human capital.
Looking at it the other way, the human capital that is developed has also given room for the meaningful engagement of the youths and reduced insecurity, thereby providing the basis for the enhancement of our infrastructural development.
It is a tripartite phenomenon that exists in reality with each one depending on, and reinforcing the other for the accelerated development that we have been witnessing in Delta State. The overall development that we have been witnessing is as a result of the three- point agenda and their workability as efficiently presided and directed by Governor Uduaghan.
Details of our achievements cannot be given right now, but it is on record that a lot of things have been done in multiple dimensions such as schools, roads, health facilities, agriculture, commerce and industry, just to mention a few.
Which areas of development do you suggest the administration should focus on in the 2014 fiscal year?
To consolidate on the gains of the past and ensure that all on-going projects are completed within the life-span of this administration which I am sure the governor will achieve given his antecedents and determination to finish strong.
How would you assess the overall performance of the Uduaghan administration?
The governor has done very well. In fact the overall performance is excellent particularly for those who understand the complex nature of governance and more so in dealing with a state as Delta with multi-dimensional social system.

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