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APC: A Body of Boy Scouts

Delta State Governorship hopeful, Dr. Festus Okubor has dismissed the All Progressive Congress (APC) as a nonstarter party whose antecedents as a party composed of strange bedfellows fully singles it out as “an interim organisation of boy scouts”.
Okubor who spoke in Asaba, Delta State capital while fielding questions from journalists said “with the likes of Bola Tinubu who is not a democrat but a dictator in that party, and with people on board who will resist dictatorship, it is but a matter of time for the party to be engulfed by rancour and disintegrate. APC like the tablet APC is bound to be taken off the shelves,” Okubor declared.
He said there was no one that could be considered as a beneficial factor that has left the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for APC, whether at the Federal or most importantly, Delta State. Pointing out that the APC lacked value, and so does not possess what it takes to ruffle the PDP at the polls, explained that in terms of electoral mathematics, the parties that came to form APC had no value in Delta State.
and so cannot upset PDP.  Okubor said: “APC is not coming on. I need you to get this very clear. A party that has been in existence now for how long; they cannot even form local government executives of their party. Are you not seeing what I am seeing? The only value they have is newspaper talk.”

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