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Have you been following the revelations about the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)?
NNPC? What revelations?
You mean you have not heard of the Kerosene subsidy scandal?
Don’t mind the rumour mongers. There is no scandal. It is just clerkly errors. People just fail or even refuse to understand the workings of government institutions. Take your time, look deeply at the issues and you will find that it’s all hoax.
I shudder at your casuistic defence of the perfidy in that corporation of corruption. Are you really serious that you do not know that the NNPC has been forcing down bitter pills of pain down the throat of Nigerians?
How? Eh, tell me, how? Don’t tell me you have joined the band of mass hysteria. What did the NNPC do? Have you not been following all the explanations of the management on how the organization has been running? All the challenges and constraints they face? How saboteurs have always tried to make life miserable for Nigerians? How even politicians throw spanner into the works so even petroleum products will not be available for Nigerians, so they can rile at the government in power? You don’t know the number of wars the NNPC has been fighting from within and without.
You are spewing utter rubbish! I am shocked that your views have been so circumscribed by the mess of porridge you have been offered. You mean you do not know that Nigerians don’t even find Kerosene to buy, let alone at the subsidised price? Did you not hear the NNPC has been claiming the subsidy on Kerosene against the directive of the President? So how many NNPC staff still use Kerosene in their homes? Is it not the poor of the earth that are still using it? And if the fat cats of the NNPC not only corner the subsidy but also make the product unavailable, do you need a prophet to tell you who is punishing the masses?
You are blowing mere hot air. Follow the trends my brother. Did you not read of the jubilation in Ibadan during the week when Kerosene sold for N50 per litre? So why the hot fume you are blowing?
But you should ask yourself why the Ibadan resident were jubilating. Of course it is because they have never found kerosene to buy at N50 per litre. And it only happened because the NNPC dealers afraid of the ongoing probe failed to collect the usual bribe from marketers before allocating Kerosene to them.
The NNPC authorities have made the point that the activities of smugglers is what has made it difficult to find kerosene to buy at N50 per litre. Or do you also expect the NNPC to also perform security functions for the country?
That is Bunkum with a capital ‘B’. Let me tell you, the NNPC dealers are the same persons involved in the smuggling. Were it not so, why did they not raise the alarm all along that smugglers are sabotaging their efforts?
We expect Nigerians to be grateful that for almost two years now, petrol and diesel have been readily available at the regulated pump price in every part of the country. That is no mean achievement. It is by the grace of a diligent NNPC.
Diligent my foot! How come the NNPC is reeking with fraud and sharp practices? How come the NNPC has refused to grow like its counterpart in Brazil, Norway etc? How come the NNPC’s dealings and books are often shrouded in secrecy? How come it is merely like a trading outpost? How come Nigerians don’t know exactly how many barrels of crude we produce and sell everyday? How come even oil thieves break the pipes and conclude the theft business with such clinical familiar flair? How come the NNPC has always tended to operate as being above the law? Is that not why a Petroleum minister can declare that a presidential directive is not law, therefore it can be flouted, just like that, and yet,  she will still be sitting pretty cool in her office?
How come the NNPC is the ATM point of every nefarious government? Is it for nothing it is struggling to explain the unremitted $12 billion, a sum Sanusi has said is $20 billion? Do you think we do not know?
Look, believe what you may. All I know, including all discerning Nigerians, is that NNPC is helping to strengthen the economic fabric of the nation. All that is required is co-operation among all the stakeholders in the Nigerian project, and you will see that the NNPC will transform to become the economic messiah of the country.
Surely, with such messiahs, we do not need plunderers. And before I go, please tell them to thoroughly  explain the whereabouts of all the unremitted funds, if they don’t want the rage of Nigerians. Enough of naked roguery!

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