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Servitude to the political parties

Goodluck jonathanIn the political environment, there are basically three recognized political operating parties depending of the existing constitution of that particular state. They comprises of a “one party system, two-party systems and multi-party systems”. In the face of a heterogeneous and a multi-religious country like Nigeria, multi-party system is clearly seen in the current political affairs of the democratic state.

Indeed, over the years, political parties have taken a huge role in fierce competition within the political system functioning in the state for their own benefits and political interests in securing dignified key positions of the state economy. Political loyalists and stalwarts engage in socio-economic and political activities for the aim of creating awareness and a deserving reputation for their party. The political activities of their respective party are defended at all cost, including the nauseatic, malodorous and the deplorable acts performed within the party system. Party members are obligated and mandated to comply with the norms and regulations of the party as enshrined in their party’s constitution. They are indoctrinated with the teachings that loyal service to their party domain enriches oneness, ensures stable peace, tranquility  and creates an atmosphere for internal democracy without even realizing the necessities and importance of providing their willful service and fairness to the masses in several aspects, but only to themselves in reality.

Two-party systems and multi-party systems often creates avenue for unhealthy rivalry and competition between opposing parties. Constructive criticisms and character assassination on the opposing political party are usually carried out and scattered across the media outlet to promote one’s party and to the detriment of the contending party. The rival parties are often seen condemning, denouncing and trading blames and abuses on each other to dent the reputation of a political party. They do not tend to heed to the voice of reason in a respectable manner of approach in providing a supportive guidelines towards dealing with a current situation. Unfortunately, the party competitors maintain their sole aim and focus of balkanising another party. The foreseen and unfolding crisis, disintegration and shambles of a political party lead to the advantage of the other.

Members of the party will only make public discourse of the positive results and achievements of their party. Even if there are possibilities of existing moral, truthful, open-minded and acclaimed righteous people who belong to the party, the need and the expectation to attempt and publicly expose and express the deplorable acts of the party leadership to the open ears and intriguing minds of the citizens is never made transparent. Any open effort to unearth or uncover the naked truth behind the heinous acts of a party by any member would lead to serious rebuke, decry and severe castigation by the fellow constituents. Such members will be regarded as renegades and disloyal members of the party. The person is made quiet and silenced by others. In the worst case scenarios, the elected position of the member could be severely threatened or may be dismissed. Hence, this leads to the reserving of utterances, statements and the silence of some candid members of the party.  Meanwhile, the horrid, despicable, repulsive and ill-fitting acts of the party members remain undisclosed by party stalwarts to the disappointment of the well-meaning citizens.  Regrettably, some politicians and ex-party members disclose the long awaited truth of the evil deeds and scandalous activities of a party only when they have decamped to another party. The visible scenes of political harlotry and party cross-carpeting are habitually done to suit the greed and self-seeking interests of some misleading political officials.   

Unfortunately, they are liable to forget that service to the law-abiding citizens and inhabitants of the country is more vital and pertinent than the servitude towards their respective political parties. Truth, honesty, discipline, fairness, generosity, decorum, unbiased nature and sincerity must be warranted amongst political heads that will render the demands and the interests of the citizens of the country.


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