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Akinmade: Mimiko’s Second Term Will Record More Feats

The people of Ondo State have been assured that the second term of the Dr. Olusegun Mimiko-led administration will record more feat as it has already kicked off on a promising note. The state Commissioner for Information, Mr. Kayode Akinmade, gave the assurance while speaking with journalists in Akure at the weekend. Calling on the people to continue to accord the government their support, Akinmade said within two weeks of his re-election, Mimiko had launched resident cards, otherwise known as Kaadi Igbeayo, for the state while he also launched an Ultra modern mechanic village a month after. He said nine modern markets had also been inaugurated with more still to be inaugurated, submitting that God has been able to use the government’s policies to bring equilibrium to the society as children of the less-privileged now rub shoulders with those of the elite in the state. Declaring that there was no doubt of a new experience in the state, Akinmade said the governor had been able to justify his election into office as he had fulfilled his electoral promises to the people of the state, adding also that Mimiko would continue to justify the confidence of the people in him. He said to the credit of the incumbent, the palpable disconnect between the governed and the government in the state had been erased through the caring heart policies of the government. “Those who knew Ondo State before Mimiko assumed office and what is obtainable in the state now will testify to the great transformation in the state,” Akinmade said, insisting that the changes did not come by accident but through the urge to serve the people to effect a change. “The focus of the administration is on the people. Mimiko has lived all his life in the state and he has served the people in different capacities as a member of previous governments in the state, so he appreciates and understands the mentality of the people and knows the kind of programmes that he could do to put smiles on their faces,” the commissioner said. Submitting that Mimiko has succeeded in taking governance to another level with what he has been able to achieve so far in the state, Akinmade said “Roads were opened up, health care delivery system came in a complete and unprecedented form with the Abiye-safe motherhood concept with hospitals in local governments and government hospitals in towns and Mother and Child Hospitals made available. “Markets are developed and the environment beautified. Because of the success recorded by the administration in urban renewal, the governor was given an award by the United Nations and it is a fact that Akure is now one of the cleanest cities in Nigeria today.” Mentioning that the government had done well in the area of education, Akinmade said the government decided to tackle the state’s educational problem from the root, hence the decision to focus on primary education. “It is a known fact that it is in Ondo that the best primary schools can be found in the country.We now have mega primary school with modern facilities, qualified and competent teachers.” Further enumerating the success so far recorded by the Mimiko administration, Akinmade said it is only in Ondo that one will see parents moving their wards from private to public schools because of the incomparable standard. He affirmed that the state was also tracking its secondary school structures, informing that improvements are been recorded daily in that regard. He concluded that it was the more reason a students from St. Louis in Ondo had A1 in nine subjects in West African Examinations Council WAEC) School Certificate Examination last year.

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