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Osun: Expect More Lies against Aregbesola as Guber Election Draws Nearer

The Osun State Government yesterday alerted the people of the state to be ready for more lies from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as the 2014 governorship election draws nearer. It said the warning became necessary as it was obvious that the performance of the state Governor, Rauf Aregbesola, had boxed the opposition party into an unfortunate corner where it members are left with nothing to offer the people of the state except to muddle up facts and confuse them. In a statement signed by the Director, Bureau of Communications and Strategy, Mr. Semiu Okanlawon, the state government reminded the people that none of the several lies told against Aregbesola since he assumed office has ever been substantiated till date. “We are compelled to alert our people in the state that ahead of the 2014 governorship election, the only thing that will be left for the PDP in its leaders’ desperate bid to regain power is to further sharpen their capacity to lie brazenly. “If anyone is in doubt over the antecedents of the PDP, a quick reminder of some of the lies told which were never substantiated will be enough. “The PDP, in its attempt to take the wind of the sail of the noble efforts at giving the state and its people a new brand identity to promote economic wellbeing, went to town with tales that Aregbesola had concluded plans to take the state out of the Nigerian federation through secession. “This was the basis for its call on the federal government to stop allocating funds to the state. Rather than prove the allegation, PDP governments in other states of the federation swallowed their pride and copied the Osun brand initiative. No PDP leader has had the honour to confess that they lied in their desperate move to cripple the government,” the statement said. According to the statement, “When the state acquired a helicopter on a lease agreement as part of the comprehensive security plans for the state, one of the leaders eyeing the ticket of the party, Iyiola Omisore, told the world that the state government bought the helicopter for an unbelievable sum of N7 billion. “The same Omisore also put the cost of the same helicopter at N4 billion. Since he was challenged to go find out how much a Boeing aircraft costs for him to put the cost of a mere helicopter at such a whopping sum, he has kept mum. “Omisore had also told the world that he had awarded the Osogbo-Ila Odo Kwara boundary dual carriage way when he was a serving senator when he desperately sought to diminish the rationale behind Aregbesola’s award of the road for construction. Almost a year after being challenged to substantiate this claim, he has failed to show the people of the state why his claim should be taken seriously.” Okanlawon said in the statement that “till date, all the lies about Aregbesola sending away all security agents attached to him have held no water. Nothing concrete has also been held up to confirm the allegation that the governor wants to turn the state to an Islamic state. “Dazed by the impact of the education projects such as ‘Opon Imo’, and other school reforms projects that involve massive provision of new education infrastructure, the PDP has looked for one subterfuge or the other to diminish the worth of the projects. “The party has however failed to come up with any reasonable argument to support their claims. “The story was the same when they accused Aregbesola of planning to use cadets of the Osun Youth Empowerment Scheme (OYES) to perpetrate electoral fraud. All the moves to discredit the youth empowerment scheme have failed. Nothing buttresses this point more than the fact that despite the inglorious labeling of the scheme, the government has been inundated by applications far more than the 20,000 capacity limit which the state government set for itself.” The Bureau therefore reminded the people of the state the need to tell dubious politicians they are knowledgeable enough to know what is good for them from what is injurious; what will last and what is ephemeral; what is meant to deceive and what is meant to bring about lasting development and progress.

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