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Femi Fani-Kayode: The pompous also cry

Fani-KayodeThere is a legendary adage which posits that "when a man decides to take his bath in the evil forest, he cannot escape the ominous companionship of evil spirits." Of course, there is only one reason why a man will detest the comfort of his shelter in preference for an evil forest: "those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad!" Strangely, this age-long aphorism found practical expression in Fani-Kayode's feverish and whimsical outbursts in recent times. Indeed, every step he had taken and every word he had uttered in the last couple of days sadly portray the dilemma of a man at serious war with himself; one whose livingness had become irredeemably endangered by the punitive verdict of some unseen forces to drive him bonkers. The details of his highly inflamed, opprobrious and loud-mouthed commentaries which precipitated a torrent of unsympathetic response from an equally incensed public are all too familiar to warrant a repetition. However, a cursory perusal of Fani-Kayode's latest apologia will reveal the magnitude of moral crisis and the concomitant sense of incorrigibility that has become his defining attribute.

In what is intended to serve as a rebuttal of a damaging (but unverified) revelation highlighting the chilling escapades of his family members while in power, Fani-Kayode observes that "…I have sought to keep my wife and children away from controversy and out of public glare for obvious reasons." It is hugely unfathomable that while Fani-Kayode took sadistic delight in publicly reeling out a dossier of names of womenfolk who had "intimately" fallen prey to the ravages of his polygamous temperament and lustful incontinence, and being unmindful of public sensibilities, the blemish and the stigma such exposé will cause its victims and their own families, he now expresses serious concern about the inviolability of his family's privacy and the need to keep his wife and family out of public controversy. How utterly hypocritical. By wilfully setting out to fish in troubled waters, Fani-Kayode should have known that he had relinquished the cherished immunity of his family from scurrilous scandal.

In his latest submission, he further stated thus: "This is part of the price one has to pay for speaking the truth about our history and proffering solutions to the monumental challenges facing our nation." The contradiction inherent in this statement of claim is so clearly irreconcilable that it places the claimant in diametric opposition to the claims of truth and the portrayal of helping to resolve nagging national challenges. What is truth, if one may ask, and what qualifies Fani-Kayode as the ultimate possessor or custodian of truth? Certainly, there is more to one's sense of truthfulness than the habit of unbridled garrulousness and witless, prodigious ranting.

As if such aberrant claims are not enough, FFK proceeded a notch further to incriminate God by arguing that "The Living God that the Fani-Kayode family has always served shall protect us from your evil and he shall avenge us." I liken this decoy to piety and saintliness to the scenario of a native doctor who administers a poisonous concoction on his hapless victim and then proceed to sprinkle some anointing water in his shrine for divine immunity from the calamitous repercussions of his evil-mindedness. This deceptive sense of divine solidarity is not only laughable but smacks of a blasphemous caricature that is intended to ridicule God and portray Him as an accessory to the crime of terrestrial rascality.

Nevertheless, it is somewhat consoling that the loose-tongued Fani-Kayode has seemingly realized that for every action we take in life, there is always a sacrifice to be paid as well as a consequence to be endured. And if we truly believe in the supremacy of God's justice, it then behoves us to rise beyond the stultifying cocoon of narrow-mindedness and dedicated self-seeking and deal with all men in a manner that is reflective of our firm believe in justice, the sanctity of human dignity and the immortality of Truth.

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