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Admonishing Britain, The Mother Of All Nigerian Frauds.

Aged white woman marrying a teenagerFoundation matters in all – everything comes with its foundation. In architecture, and indeed, in every other sphere of life, growth and living, foundation takes center stage. If you have got to go higher, then you have got to dig lower; and if you must stand taller, then your roots must, of all principles, be deeper than the evident other. Today, even as science has advance beyond initial imagination, men still stand amazed at the foundations that the sculptor of life has laid for His universe. There’s absolutely no searching of the height or the dept of His wisdom; He is, in Himself, The Foundation of all who stand in The Truth. In all of these, He never played with foundations. No wonder His Spirit asks: “if the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do?’ Governments, countries, institutions – even families – all these know the value of foundations. However, foundations differ from each other, and everything which must stand the test of time must have its foundation built in the vision of its limitations. A man who says he was wrong about the foundation is a man who never planned to establish because, when one thinks of building, he remembers: “Building on what?” This is how many countries came to stand, and many others came to break apart since the law of life stands sure that “Every tree which my father has not planted must be uprooted.” Those who lead the abomination called Nigeria know this, and this is why corruption has become the first legalized credential for any official post in Nigeria. America knows this, Britain knows this, and nations that are standing and strong today also know this. Israel knows this too; that tells why there has remained a resolve to keep fixed. Britain knew this when they forced many repelling, ever-diverging and distinctly unique peoples together under an abomination of an amalgam with a name from hell called Nigeria.
Today, it’s important that the British government, and indeed the whole world, know that the root of Nigeria’s shame and pain from time to date is clearly and unmistakably found in the government of the United Kingdom; therefore, the burdens that we have borne for nearly a century under this Nigeria is now, by every law (whether you believe in God’s justice, karma, repercussion, retributive returns, nature, etc), returning to its mother – Britain and her. Britain stands as the mother of the curse of Nigeria on those imposed with a name as demonic as “Nigerians.” Why I have chosen to write this is not because I have not alluded to this truth before, nor is it because I have not been frontal and direct with it: the purpose is a response to Britain and their incessant and care-less deportation of those she has compelled, not from God but from the flesh, to imposingly dwell together under “One-Nigeria” for the sole benefit of the West and the “assured,” if creation wills it, the annihilation of the black race. This is what the government of Her Majesty has done in virtually all African countries and beyond. However, the masterpiece of Britain’s treacherous and punishable evil found its museum of all negative things at the bedrock of Nigeria’s so-called oneness. 
The voice of true power shall not cease to speak against Britain’s evil in “Nigeria” until absolute justice takes its course. Not once have we heard of how the British government destroys our youths: they took away our rights and compelled us to become modern and computerized slaves for the West. When the burden and pains of this enslavement by those who came with the gospel in one hand and the chains of hell in the other became too unbearable that we couldn’t even craw under it, we made our decision to withdraw our necks and find rest, and we thought that the message which they brought had taken root in them. But nay! They are from the branches of the Pharisees and Sadducees, and the tax collectors: as “the teachers of the law and the bringers of salvation,” they heaped on the “Southern Nigerians,” especially the Igbo, the contradictions of the message their missionaries brought. They laid unbearable loads on us – telling us what God expects and whet they demand. In all these, they would not lift a finger to help if they have not extracted the last drop of blood and every string of will. And as tax collectors, they turned our land into their harvest field and would put any price on anything and compel you to pay. May God never forget their evil against my people! Amen! The government of Britain actively laid the foundation of their Nigeria (a name given by a mistress under the spirit of debauchery) in masterminded chaos, injustice, deprivation, marginalization, bloodletting and everything downwards. This was their intention: to keep the seed of growth and excellence in Africa unplanted – making sure that the world understands that even though they brought the gospel of Jesus Christ, they actually and committedly live by the lies of Satan. How evil! How hellish can a land and a people claiming excellence be!
The hellish foundation which Brittan and its allies compelled the true heart of Africa to live in and called it Nigeria has wriggled through in its pool of blood into maturity – to the full stature of all unimaginable levels of abominations. While their puppets in Nigeria’s governance make steady barbecue of those still compelled as Nigerians, Britain and its allies milk the land dry by helping them to launder the country’s wealth into their various banks and financial structures. Over the years, what these limitless evils have achieved have included mass migration of those called Nigerians to every conceivable nation, country, jungle, holes, etc, in search of life. To the obvious, outside Nigeria, attempts may be made to describe what life really looks like – even if that African man’s description became what the West and their generations have, in time, termed as “Black:” Blackman, black magic, black market, blackmail, blacklist, etc to mean everything illegal, bad and inherently evil. The water and the oil which were used by the brutish-British to chuck the blocks of Nigeria’s foundation have, since 1914, been fighting against each other. It was no coincidence; this was the 21st century Western-modeled Africa’s continued enslavement in the hands of the West. To the British, “the mastery of wisdom can only be ascertained by their usefulness in annihilating perceived, competitive threats.” How sad, ignoble, inferior and wicked! A kingdom that cannot stand except by invading other peaceful people and compelling them into slavery is no kingdom and, therefore, must fall. Ask The Persians, the Greece, and even the Romans.
As it is today, there are millions of people with the accursed (at least, everyone firmly agrees to this) passport of Nigeria – hovering, staggering and scampering from pillar to post in different countries where their wealth have been laundered to. Some go with the belief that “the white man is just.” Therefore, they sell their inheritance, and some even go a-borrowing to “invest” in their journey to “the green and promising lands of the wise.” From their embassies in Nigeria, one may be lucky to receive a smile; but on reaching their entry-points, Nigerians become their bunch of a tripod stand: a smelly dog, a minting machine and a slave. If they can’t be any of these three as a result of your expectations and that of those who are home, then they turn them into prisoners or, with ignominy, deport them. As it is today, our young men are scampering to marry their grannies just to have a paper in a land where they are not assured of anything. May God judge the wicked! Amen.
If this is the democracy which the west insists on for all, then democracy is inherently evil. Democracy is modern enslavement because only those at the top get justice. But God corrects the madness of men in His time. Nigerians, especially of Igbo race, have perished in their countless numbers in different parts of African, European, Asian and Western routes – all in search of succor. The British government turned a blessed people into vagabonds. But today, the curse has revered: not only Igbo shrieked at the burden. For those who are burdened with injustice and those who inflict the injustice, one thing is common: both shall cry until God brings justice. And the justice is here indeed. Even those who have blessed themselves with the curse of Nigeria’s continued oneness cannot find in peace in their dark: some of their excellently trained children have become terrorists and suicide bombers, while their land cries of marginalization. Who marginalized and marginalizes who? Let justice rain from heaven upon and against the hands that compelled Nigeria and upon the hands that sustain her. Let those countries and so-called “United Kingdom” who would prefer us disunited by compelling ever-diverging and opposing kingdoms together – bound for destruction. Let the destruction the enemies have lined up for my people begin to fall upon their most treasured places and begin to pull down their financial and security citadels and dismantle the temple of their god, mammon. Let Dagon fall upon its face in shame. Today, as other countries (even in Africa and Asia) take pleasure in dehumanizing and humiliating those bound under the Name Nigeria, Britain has started, yet again, a mass-deportation of Nigerians. Why do you deport them; to what do you send them: to prostitution/robbery, or perhaps to kidnappings, terrorism and death? I, just as Daddy Dim did on June, 1, 1969, accuse you: “We have fought alone, we have fought with honor, we have fought in the highest traditions of Christian civilization. Yet, the very custodians of this civilization and our one-time mentors, are the very self-same monsters who have vowed to devour us.” You made our home a viper’s den, yet you would not grant us a moment’s peace. Britain! Your actions have judged you! You are the land of streaming blood of the innocent – a land of murderers! And unless you repent, you will likewise perish!
Nigeria is breaking into parts, and Britain is wise enough (in the standard of men) to take this opportunity and alter her many mistakes and sins in “Nigeria” by doing acts of repentance. The land of Britain has sinned against Igbo land where God dwells, and against Igbo people, and against all those compelled under the accursed abomination called “One-Nigeria.” The government of Her Majesty plotted our annihilation; but “If the Lord had not been on our side—let Israel say— if the Lord had not been on our side when men attacked us, when their anger flared against us, they would have swallowed us alive; the flood would have engulfed us, the torrent would have swept over us, the raging waters would have swept us away. Praise be to the Lord, who has not let us be torn by their teeth. We have escaped like a bird out of the fowler’s snare; the snare has been broken, and we have escaped. Our help is in the name of the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” Amen. I admonish the government of “Her Majesty” to, without delay, rescind all her supports for this abomination called Nigeria, and to immediately give every necessary assistance towards a peaceful break-up. If you refuse to do so, the so-called “United Kingdom” may turn out to become a United and mutual self-destruction. If there is ‘explosion’ in English words, then there must be an ‘implosion’ as well.
As for us, Igbo, and as many as believe in the truth of Jesus Christ, “now are we the sons of God.” I make no mention of those whose only intention of allowing the gospel to get to us was to further enslave: they claim to have come to abolish slave trade, but they brought about national enslavement – and they enslaved us. At a time they even plotted our annihilation. May God alone be praised who has left remnant of His people in the land that we may grow to tell of His wonders! Every price we needed to ever pay has been charged to Jesus’ account. Even though the burden, Nigeria, rose against us with the full backing of Britain, Europe, Islamic World, and indeed many other countries who loved peace but would neither allow it for others nor speak the truth, the shield of God gave us songs of “Happy Survival!” Today, we have come alive!  Survival was made through the power of resurrection, Life came in glory. For those who bless us, blessed shall they be henceforth, and for those who curse us – by their plots, schemes, spoken and written words, agreements and actions – they have pronounced a perfect judgment for themselves. And for those whom the Lord has blessed, we shall bless; but for those whose unbelief and rejection have been made a curse before God, never will my lips bless them. God forbid that I say to that man whom God has cursed: “You are blessed.”  To Britain and all those who claim omniscience, to those who would neither enter into the kingdom of truth nor will they allow others to enter, I say: Loose your hold on yourself!  You believe that what you have is perfect and true – especially whenever you look at what you have made those compelled under the accursed name, Nigeria, become: a mockery and a pitiable sight before you all. Yet, in Africa, you would rather place diplomacy above your god: Democracy. You believe, but your belief is evidently false. You, Britain, had the wherewithal to force upon different nations a center of evil, corruption and hell called Nigeria; why would you not have had the wherewithal for United Kingdom’s-kind-of democracy in Nigeria if not because of your eternal determination to live by the flesh of Africans and others? You talk about time to evolve, then where is your science and your democracy? Even when you think that justice has been served amongst all members of the “United Kingdom,” those kingdoms within it still reserve the right to go their way. The ear of God has heard how you have responded to it so far; Biafra and the freedom of Igbo out of what is called Nigeria will be your witness. This 2012 is time to gather the documents of blackmailed agreement for the enslavement of those eternally declared free from above, till date, under the evil cord of Nigeria. 2013 will be a New Year – the first year for all who were bound and tied to the foundation of falsehood and hell – foundation dug by Britain and its allies to advance their folly, and given the name – Nigeria. Let the heavens echo this voice of truth and let the earth obey! Amen

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
Anthony-Claret is a software Engineer, entrepreneur and the founder of Codewit INC and CEO of Portia Web Solutions. Mr. Claret publishes and manages the content on Codewit Word News website and associated websits. He's a writer, IT Expert, great administrator, technology enthusiast, social media lover and all around digital guy.

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