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Nigeria: The TRUTH About “Mysterious” Healing Pool In Nachi, Enugu State

jelly can used to fetch holy waterSince the news of a "healing pool," known as Orimiri and located in a forest about 3km from the Nachi bus stop along Onitsha/Enugu road, was discovered, the community has become a pilgrimage center with no fewer than 3000 people thronging the place daily. From morning till evening, okada ply through that narrow and sandy path carrying passengers and their loads of jerry cans to the stream.

The believers

The physically challenged, aged, young, men, women, some of them naked, and children dip themselves naked in the 3-4-feet deep stagnated water, wash the ailing parts of their bodies believing they will be healed. Others scoop up water from different holes dug around the bank into their plastic containers of various sizes believing even the sand under the water is as effective as the stream itself. The trees in the surroundings are also not spared as people chop trees into various sizes with a claim that it cures all kinds of sicknesses.

Most of the visitors say they believe it will work.

A middle-aged woman, who refused to give her real name, said: "I just came here for to exercise my faith. I have not seen anyone though, but I believe it. I just had a bath in the water, and I believe it. I believe God that I will be okay."

Donatus Ike claims he has been coming to the stream on a daily basis since the news of the healing power broke: "I always come here every day to work. I guide people in doing certain things here. The water has healing power. A lot of people came from far and near. Not too long ago, Rev. Mbaka came here, he prayed for people. The lame will work, the blind will see. You can see a crutch over there; it was dropped by somebody who couldn't work."

Amobi Chukwu, in his own view, said: "I think it is all about faith. What you call medicine is medicine for you. I also believe the water has healing power. The water is dirty, and it was because a lot of people come here and bath inside the water, and you know this is not a flowing river. That is why people dig the river bank to get better water to drink. It is drinkable."


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